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Feb 16, 2009 11:38 AM

Gruet Sparkling Wine From New Mexico

I had my first taste of Gruet sparkling wine over the weekend. I was looking for a not too expensive half-bottle of sparkling wine/champagne for dinner this past Saturday night. The Gruet Brut (under $9) was the 1st one I came across.

I am glad I decided to try it, as I thought it was quite good, certainly as good as any of the California sparkling wines I have had.

I know Gruet makes a few other sparklers besides the Brut. Has anyone tried them? Any recommendations/comments?

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  1. also like the Gruet Brut....was part of a sparklers tasting, & it surprised everyone....

    1. Gloria Ferrer also makes a good Sparkling Wine around the $15 price point.

      I stand firm that the best sparkling wine in America is Argyle.

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      1. re: twincitiesguy

        From your post, I am not clear whether you have had any of Gruet wines.

        1. re: DavidT

          Argyle's sparkling wines are almost double the price of Gruet's.

      2. Gruet makes a Brut, a Brut Blanc de Blancs, a Brut Blanc de Noirs, a Brut Rose, and a Brut Grand Rose. So they are all Brut wines. I'm assuming you had one with no other designation. The only sparkling wine them make with a dryness level other than Brut is a Demi-Sec. I've not had it, but I've had all the others. I like the Blanc de Noirs.

        With all due respect to my fellow Twin Citian, I do like Argyle. But my best domestic producer goes to Iron Horse.

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        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          Thanks for the info. Yes, I had the basic Brut. I would like to try the Blanc de Noirs and the Rose some time, assuming I can them in stock some where in the SF Bay Area.

          1. re: DavidT

            Try the Rose...I really liked it. I picked it up at Cav wine bar in SF after tasting it in a flight there.

        2. We just had some with friends, who drove down from Colorado. It had been years, since I last had any, and this was very nice, when sitting on the upper deck, watching the sun set. I had forgotten what a nice sparkler this was.

          Per Brad's comments, ours was the Blanc de Blanc.


          1. I've tasted the Gruet Rose sparkling wine in tasting flights twice. Both times it was the least interesting wine.

            It might be fine on its own as an apertif or brunch wine but there are a lot of California and European sparkling wines in the same price range that I have liked more.

            I am wondering if wine bars that do tasting flights have to balance the quality of wines to keep the flight price in line. Therefore, an inexpensive bottle like the Gruet is rather unfairly tasted with a better bottle.