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Feb 16, 2009 11:02 AM

Faves in the French Quarter?

Okay, so I know many (or most) of the recs on here are outside of the F.Q. and the next time I'm in town I'll definitely adventure beyond it to eat. However, I'll probably stay in the F.Q. and end up getting some meals there. Sue me, but I like hitting up Bourbon Street. Any suggestions on places to hit there? I've done Acme and liked it, Nola (so-so), Gumbo House (I know people dis it but I enjoyed it) and some others that weren't good enough to remember... Any suggestions. I'm open to pretty much any type of food, fancy or inexpensive, as long as it's GOOD.

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  1. Galatoire's, Rib Room, Irene's, Mr. B's, Felipe's, Orleans Grapevine, Mena's Palace, Country Flame, Cafe du Monde, Croissant D'Or, Central Grocery, Italian Barrel, Napoleon House, and Desire Oyster Bar should keep you fat and happy!

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      Edible I must meet you sometime. You are so right on with your suggestions and I completely agree with you but I have not been to some of the places where you have had the pleasure to dine.

      I know Napoleon House can have slow service (I usually do not experience that) and people say the food is just ok but I'm born and breaded (stolen from another poster but I love the term) in N.O. and I adore the place. Nothing better than sitting under an umbrella in the courtyard when it's raining with the sun shining while sipping on a Pimm's Cup. I love the muff, the beans and everything else I've had there. IMO it's probably more the atmosphere that is making my food taste so good but that is fine with me. I also love Arnaud's, Redfish Grill & Mr. B's. I used to like Bourbon House but I have not heard good things about it lately and I have not been in a while. We'd sit at the bar and receive better service than the people seated at tables. Johnny's poboys has been good to me and I have my annual beignets at Cafe Du Monde even though it's just a pile of grease and powdered sugar. The cafe au lait and beignets bring back great memories and are good for a hangover. Stella! is by far the best restaurant we have been in a while. Chef Boswell actually took the time to engage in conversation with our table. He answered any questions we had in great detail. Every dish we had was better than the last. If you would like to take a walk across Canal Street and Poydras you can check out the Piazza D'Italia and the Spanish Plaza. They are beautiful structures (Piazza especially at night). Cochon, Rio Mar, Tommy's, Ernst (cool very old bar with lunch specials but at least go for a drink and check out the floor tiles), and LaBoca are fabulous. I hope you have some really good meals while you're here.

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        Born n' Breaded in the big Easy is MY Saying! Glad you like it!
        30'90'...that's me!
        Available to share calories anytime.

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          I used to love the Napoleon House when I spent six months working in Nola back in 83. I'm so glad it's still alive and well.

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            Ditto on Napoleon House. I think it's a pretty incredible place for drinks, atmosphere, and food.

            1. re: FoodChic

              is Franky and Johnies still there?

        2. re: edible complex

          To EC's list, I would add G W Fins. We have always had great (sometimes quite innovative) seafood there, with excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere.

          I've dined at many in the EC list, and agree on all of those.


          Gw Fins
          808 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112

        3. Just experienced Susan Spicer's talent at Yosemite Chef's Holiday, so I would try Bayona, and Herbsaint. Wish I were going along!

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          1. re: Mrs M

            Herbsaint is Donald Link's place in the CBD.

            1. re: edible complex

              Susan Spicer is Donald Luke's partner in Herbsaint, at least she was when it opened. Where is the Italian Barrel? I am not familiar with it. My favorite place in the French Quarter is K-Paul's. I also like Olivier's. Coops is good for a dive atmosphere. I will probably try GW Fins for the first time next month when I am in New Orleans. One place that is rarely mentioned on this board is Brousard's. Has anyone been there and is it good? It looks like a nice place.

              Bigray in Ok

              1. re: Bigrayok

                I did a mini-review of Broussards, along with one for G W Fins, about 18 mos. ago. Though the Broussard's dining was for an event, they handled it very nicely. It had been 30 years, since we dined there, and I was impressed. Still, it was an event for 250-300, so I cannot comment on regular dining. However, if they can do such an event, I have no reason to believe that they would do less, but I just do not know.


                Broussard's Restaurant & Patio
                819 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70112

                1. re: Bigrayok

                  the barrel is on Barracks betw. N. Peters & Decatur ( "behind " the Mint) . The meat and/or cheeses platters are v. nice.

            2. Princsoreo, I know you asked about meals, but every good meal deserves a good dessert. I was going to suggest Angelo Brocato's for scrumptious lemon ice, spumoni & italian desserts to keep you fat & happy (as per edible complex), but they've moved to 214 N. Carrollton Avenue on the streetcar line uptown. You may want to do this while they're "hosing" down Bourbon on Sunday morning (hee hee...).

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                Just curious. What do you mean Brocato's "moved" to Carrollton? That's certainly not a recent relocation. By the way, Brocato's isn't uptown, it's in Midcity, right off the Canal street car line.

                In the quarter, GW Fins, Bayona, Stella, Johnny's, Irene's, Salt n Pepper, Galatoire's, etc.

                1. re: N.O.Food

                  Thanks for the corrections N.O. Food, guess I need to do my homework before replying. I haven't live in Nola in many many years & last time I did it was in the French Quarter. I learned only today from their website today that they were now on Carrollton. And thanks for clearing up my misinformation re their neighborhood/streetcar line - I surely don't want anyone hopping on the wrong streetcar & heading in the wrong direction, including myself when I finally do come home to the city I love & miss dearly.

              2. Second Bayona, great lunch (sweet courtyard) or dinner. Also K-Paul's, EAT and Cafe Beignet on Royal for an easy breakfast. And my guilty cheap-a** pleasure, Popeye's on Canal. I love living in a world where I can have Popeye's for lunch and August for dinner...and celebrate the culinary brilliance of each.

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                1. re: powderhound

                  Thanks for all the suggestions so far. A lot of these spots sound delicious!

                2. Bayona, Mona Lisa, Maximo's, Napoleon House, & Cafe Amelie. Enjoy!