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Feb 16, 2009 10:52 AM

New products at Trader Joe's ...

Here is a new posting of the perennial Chowhound classic - favorite new product finds at Trader Joe's ...

Last week the kitchen at my local Trader Joe's was offering "Chocolate Souffles" - straight from the fozen aisle.

Loved the small sample I tried - and loved that they came ready-to-bake (2 in a pack) in individual white procelain ramekins. Voila, out of the oven, ready to serve.

Rich deep chocolate taste, not too sweet, very velvet-y texture - and fool-proof souffle making (freezer to oven in 20 min)

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  1. I agree, those are good. And I love that I get to increase my ramekin collection! Another new dessert at Trader Joe's I enjoy is the collection of four cups of chocolate ice cream, each with a cocoa sourced from a different part of the world, Ghana, Costa Rica, I can't remember the other two. I think it's called "Cocolate" or something like that.

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    1. re: MsDiPesto

      I got sucked in by the souffle samples too, and we had them for Valentines Day dessert--yum.

      The Detroit News reviewer tried the Cocolat ice cream and said that her search for the best chocolate ice cream in the world was now over. So off I went to TJ's to try it...empty space in the freezer at both TJ's I checked.

      Do you think it's that good?

      1. re: coney with everything

        oh wow, i'm in israel for a couple months, and as amazing as the food is, i definitely miss exploring my trader joes!!

        1. re: coney with everything

          My husband LOVED the Cocolat ice cream. He said it was the best chocolate ice cream he's ever had. I have instructions to buy every package next time I'm at TJ's

          1. re: cheesecake17

            well, now I know who to blame when the freezer is empty :)

            1. re: coney with everything

              Yup, Ill be walking out of the store with a cooler filled with MY ice cream! :)

        2. re: MsDiPesto

          I bought the chocolate ice cream collection probably six months ago and we didn't like it at all. After sampling a couple spoonfuls of each flavor, I put it back in the freezer and I returned it on my next TJ's run.

            1. re: greygarious

              and...I was just told at my TJ's that whatever its name was, it was a seasonal product, not to be restocked. WAAAH

              1. re: coney with everything

                WHAT??? do they still have them in stock? Why do they always get rid of the good stuff?

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  They had them in Tyngsboro MA 2 days ago.

                  1. re: greygarious

                    I'm going to check the brooklyn store this weekend. Thanks!

          1. LOVE their new valencia peanut butter with golden flaxseeds. Probably the best peanut butter I've ever had. I'm also obsessed with the dark chocolate covered chili spiced dried mangos...

            1. Not exactly a new product (I've seen it in the freezer case for what I'm guessing is about a year now), but my neighborhood TJ's was giving out samples yesterday of their Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, and I was pretty stunned by how much I liked it. While not quite mimicking the best gooey cheesesteaks I've ever had, it was surprisingly authentic-tasting and much better than the vast majority of what passes for the real thing at, e.g., mall food courts. The six or seven samples I was encouraged to snag by the store's employee, along with a couple of sample cups of TJ's passion fruit juice, made for a pretty good free dinner on the run.

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              1. re: Arthur

                Those "Cafe Twists" in the dinky plastic tub or container. They are cinnamon flavored. So basically Cinnamon Twists. Kind of like the things you get at Taco Hell but wayyyy better. They have like 6 ingredients in them. No butter, no fat. No Artifical Flavors or Colours. They are Vegan. Um, I don't know what else The container is in the Garbage now hah.
                I think I ate the whole container in one day. I just noticed them the other day returning some bag of salad that never got ate. So, so good. Ch Ch check em out. I found them in the middle of an aisle, just stacked up, not even on a shelf, just piled up container by container

                1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                  Oh, we love those cafe twists! so good.
                  My best friend got the maple leaf cookies last night - the were VERY sweet, but really good flavor. I'm glad she took the open box home with her!

              2. try the chocolate cloud cake advertised in a recent flyer. Good but not too heay, but i guess if you eat half the cake at one sitting it will make you pretty heavy,

                1. Tried the Butter Chicken for lunch today. It was delicious! I need to go back and buy more. While the texture of the chicken wasn't great, the flavor of the chicken, the sauce and rice was as good as my favorite Indian restaurant. Big thumbs-up!

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                  1. re: mdepsmom

                    ITA about the flavor of this chicken--great work lunch. Not nearly as much chicken as the picture, is there?

                    Another new entry in the TJ crack sweepstakes is the praline pecans...I have to stop buying them.