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Feb 16, 2009 10:46 AM

New post went to wrong category


Hi. Since chow doesn't have" contact us' botton so here it goes. I posted new post on LA area board but ended up general board. Why this happened and how canI bring it back to LA board? Can anyone help?

  1. Glad someone helped you after all you've done for us. Just what I would have suggested. Make sure you include that your question is city-specific in your subject line or the moderators will assume it's a big picture question.

    1. BigTuna - it looks like the moderators moved your post to the General Topics board because it appears to be a general question about preferences for food at a specific type of restaurant.

      I'm guessing that if you post to the LA board and ask for feedback on people's favorite Izakaya's AND what they like to order there, the mods will let it stay (because it's a question directly related to the LA board / LA area restaurants).

      1. Your Izakaya post has been moved to the Los Angeles board:

        The "Report" link at the bottom of a post is te best way to contact the moderators to let us know there's an issue with a post.