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Feb 16, 2009 10:34 AM

Monday Pub Deals?

Going out for dinner & pints with a friend tonight and wondering if anybody knows of good (and current) food deals for Mondays. Hell, why not throw out other nights as well. I'm hoping for somewhere along Queen St., either East or West.

I've read a couple of threads here, but they seem to be outdated (not sure if Ultra is still running the $20 lobster deal on Mondays, although admittedly that's not very pub-like).

Anybody else know of good deals? I know that Prohibition has 100 oysters for $50 on Mondays.


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  1. Great list of Monday Night Specials around Toronto (from

    1. Thanks for sending through the link - very helpful.

      I ended up going to Grace O'Malley's - an entertainment district meat market dressed up like a pub. Not my kind of place usually, but quiet on a Monday night and they offer 10-cent wing night.