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Lake Worth/Palm Beach Options

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A mid-winter grandparent visit is overdue and as such ill be headed down to the Lake Worth/Greenacres area for a long weekend in a few weeks. My grandmother's place is exceptionally close to Tacos al Carbone, and im very much looking forward to a stop in there to check it out.

A late night run to the 24 hour window at Havana is very likely to happen as well - we dont get much cuban up here in minnesota, and the timing is, to say the least, flexible. Presuming i have no cuban grandmother's meals with which to compare it, will i be happy with my medianoche from Havana? Is there somewhere else nearbye that is clearly better?

And the final question i have is where we should go for a saturday night with good food, not super expensive (doesn't need to be cheap but as i am not paying i dont want to pick somewhere that will totally shock some of the older crowd. Were willing to drive a little ways, probably not more than 20 minutes or so - especially if a good view/proximity to the water is involved. Food wise everyone is relatively adventurous so that shouldnt be a limiting factor - though we'd prefer to do something south florida does well - so probalby something latin, seafood, or both. I've done some searching on the boards, and we are pretty familiar with what is available right in the immediate area, but my grandmother doesnt go too far too often, and isnt the best resource for finding chow-worthy options outside of her immediate area.

thanks in advance, i promise ill report back on anything of note.

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  1. Prime Catch in Boynton might be a good option for you. Pretty good seafood as well as other items and it's right on the IntraCoastal.

    Prime Catch
    700 E Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

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      Id like to do better than "pretty good". The water view is not nearly as important to me as the food. Is there something better a bit further from the beach?