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Feb 16, 2009 08:42 AM


What meat do you use for Ossobuco?
1. Beef
2. Lamb
3. Veal

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  1. Rich, meaty veal shanks! Having it for my b'day this Sunday...can't wait!

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    1. re: bayoucook

      One time try a stinko, which is an entire veal shank not cut up, works great in a large oval pot.

    2. You can use all three, but for me the order in of preference, adding another option is:

      Pork Shank
      Lamb Shank

      1. My experience with Osso Bucco has been that Lamb and/or Beef don't cook up quite as tender but are still worthy of being included for variety. Veal is, of course, my first choice. Second would be Pork, the Lamb, with Beef being last on the list.

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        1. re: todao

          Ditto, Veal by far, Pork second. Never made it with lamb of beef. The veal to me is the only way.

          It is not hard and very good. A great comfort food on a cold day ... or really any day. I just make sure I cook it a long time to really get tender.

        2. I have only made it with veal. I love making it, though I never make gremolata.

          1. Up until recently jfood would always place veal first. Over the last year he has been very disappointed in veal shanks that he has ordered in restaurants. They seem not to achieve the less than stringy and toughness he looks to avoid in osso.

            He recent favorite is lamb shanks. Maybe it is his taste buds getting older but the flavor and texture of the lamb seem to go better. And if he wants beef, he just cannot find anything better than short ribs. They are the primo-top of jfoods current food choice for braised meats.