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Feb 16, 2009 08:24 AM

Cafe Sbisa - closed again?

walking by Sbisa on decatur one nite this weekend i noticed the lights were out and it's still decorated like christmas inside. are they done already?

i didnt even have a chance to check it out...

(hard to believe one could take out the operating loans to re-open a restaurant and not have enough to carry it for a few months...)

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  1. it was a nightmare

    one tenant for the bar, one for the restaurant and a landlord who didn't care what went side defaulted and ruined it for everyone...nothing to do with food/ was all about a bad lease

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    1. re: nolapark

      yeah, the bar guys wanted out and defaulted on their end leaving us on the food end locked out one day.

      1. re: nolapark

        that arrangement sounds insane. our family used to be in the restaurant biz, but our bars were always a part of the restaurant -- a split lease w/ two operating partners on each sounds like a really, really bad idea. guess it was!