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Feb 16, 2009 07:43 AM

chicken fingers?

Hello All -
Lately I've been on a chicken finger kick and I searched the boards and was surprised not to see something about them on the threads.
So - where are your favorite chicken fingers? I am mostly in Philly, Mainline area and KoP so those locations are preferable but if anything else sticks out I'd love to hear about it!
My favorites so far are the ones at Tir Na Nog in the city and surprisingly the ones served at my work cafeteria (Epicurion runs the cafe if anyone else has them...but beware there's 2 different types they have and its a matter of chance - the less battered ones are sooo much tastier!).
Also my dip of preference is good honey mustard and buffalo sauce.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I remember the chicken fingers at Nodding Head being really good.

    1. By far the best chicken fingers I've had anywhere are at Fingers Wings and Other Things (FWOT) in Conshohocken. Absolutely Awesome with great honey mustard. http://www.fwot.com/
      They are accross from the REI on Ridge Pike.

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        If that is a reincarnation of the FWOTs that was on South street about a decade ago they get my vote! They were amazingly good

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          thats close enough to my office, i've passed it a bunch - i'll def try them for lunch one of these days...athough its hard with primo's next door.

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          I second the fingers at Manny's. Each finger seems to be 1/2 a breast! Yum!


        2. I think the chicken fingers at Misconduct Tavern are really good. Obviously homemade with a nice light batter. They also have good wings and burgers.

          I used to love the pretzel beer batter ones that La Terrasse served at the bar when I was at Penn between 2000 and 2003. They were aewsome. I don't know if they still serve them though.

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          1. If are still looking, The Irish Pub at 12th and Walnut. The BEST!!!!!!!

            Irish Pub
            2007 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103