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Feb 16, 2009 07:39 AM

Homemade whole wheat pasta - recipes?

In searching the internet and Chowhound, I can find plenty of recipes using whole wheat pasta but details on making my own pasta are few and far between. Since I recently purchased a pasta maker, I would love to see what CHers use - recipes, techniques, tips and such.

I want to use only whole wheat flour in my pasta and would also be interested in some of the veggie pastas, too. I am woefully ignorant about the veggie pastas. I assume you would use flour and pureed vegetables?

I recently purchased some whole wheat pasta that only had whole wheat flour and water as ingredients. Has anyone tried this? All of the recipes I've seen called for the use of egg, as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I know this won't be super helpful, but a friend of mine used the recipe in her Kitchenaid pasta attachment and it worked really well. Perhaps it's available online? I think you could use any fresh pasta recipe and just up the water content for the wheat flour. It might take some experimenting.

    1. Whole wheat pasta was brought up on this thread:

      and although the receipe in that thread does not have any egg, generally rolled pastas (what you make at home with a rolling machine or bought fresh) contain egg and extruded ones(the kind made in a machine like the old playdough presses) generally do not have egg.

      1. You may want to invest in a couple of stainless steel mesh strainers: one regular the other extra fine. If you have a chinoise you only need to get a strainer that's regular size mesh. Stack the regular one over the extra fine one, pour *Stone Ground Whole Wheat flour into the top one, then knock one against the other so that flour go through both mesh strainer. This way you'll get the very fine (almost 00 size?) flour which will be easier to work into a dough, easier to hold together (the gluten will be able to form better without the coarser parts to block long gluten strands), and easier on the palate. You can always incorporate some of the bran back in after you got your basic dough rested and ready to roll out. One way can be to use the bran in place of the dusting flour when rolling out.

        I'm not sure all whole wheat flours are created equal. If it's made from Hard wheat then you wouldn't really need to use eggs in your recipe. Practice at thoroughly and quickly hydrate the flour EVENLY, and not a drop too much water - take into consideration the dough will soften after you let it rest. Although, it won't be the end of the world if it gets too soft to be usable with the pasta machine. You can always hand roll and hand cut them. If it's too soft for the pasta machine, it will be soft enough and not require extra muscles to roll. Either way you'll have fun.

        Carrots or squash will be easy to incorporate. Just steam, mash, (strain if needed to get rid of too much juice) and mix with the flour before adding any water. You may not need much after that. In fact it may help you mix the dough better.

        *The stone ground whole wheat flour i use the double strainer for gets me 3 different sizes of flour. It's great to use the finest for noodles, and combine the rougher two to make delicious graham crackers!

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          If you're going to be making alot of veggie pasta's another way to go is dehydrated vegetable powders:

          you won't be adding any moisture (and I don't add water at all). You can also add them to soups.

        2. This is exactly the kind of advice I was seeking. Thank you so much for your replies. I hope to have time to make some pasta tonight and will report back on the results.

          I'll be using the recipe on the thread that Stuffed Monkey linked. Love the username, btw.

          I have some mesh strainers so I'll see if I can shake loose the fine flour.

          Thanks again!

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            I ended up needing to work too late to make pasta last night but I did make spaetzle using the whole wheat flour. They were a little heavier than regular spaetzle but very tasty. I mixed it with some arugula and toasted walnut pesto instead of traditional gravy or butter.

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              You're welcome and thanks for what you said about my username. It's actually a food reference (though very obsure one...I'm just wondering if someday someone will know what it is.

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                Better late than never, right? I finally broke out the pasta machine and made my own pasta. It was wonderful! I'm so glad I tried this. It ended up being a time consuming effort but it was much easier than I thought it would be. Last night it was lasagne. I had some plain sheets left over and made some cheese ravioli as appetizers.

                Tonight, I'll be using the angel hair size for something else.

                Thanks again for all the great advice!