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Feb 16, 2009 07:26 AM

My visit to Spitzer's Corner

Ate at Spitzer's Corner with a friend last night. I'd been meaning to try it for a while and was rather impressed. First of all, the space is exceedingly well-used. The front room has several long tables that are good for dining and/or drinking with groups of friends. The front window has a wide bench with stools that are suited for dining a deux. Finally, there are long benches around the side of the room that are perfect for sitting and drinking with friends when you don't feel like elbowing up to the bar. There is a back room as well (which I only noticed on my way to the bathroom) that has more smaller tables as well as a few booth-like tables. The place seems to be sheathed entirely in reclaimed wood and has a cozy feeling. Finally, hooks to hang your bags and coats up are amply supplied (much appreciated)

Spitzer's Corner is a great place to drink beer. There is a huge beer list. Unfortunately, I don't drink beer. So I had a glass of riesling (totally fine) and turned my attention to the food menu. The menu has a pleasing diversity to it - plenty of bar snacks, several burgers (short rib burger, sliders) and some larger entrees. I ordered the short rib burger, the fries and the brussel sprouts. I would have ordered the pickles from Guss's - except they only had half-sour! ridiculous! how can you have those marvelous pickles and NOT have sour? My friend had already eaten so only drank a decent pinot gris.

The burger and fries were delicious - the burger smallish but dense and juicy, with an interesting and welcome dab of smoky hickory sauce, the fries thick and crispy with a dust of spices. The sprouts were fine as well, though they were lavished with so many walnuts and cranberries that it looked like a bowl of granola.

All in all, as stated in the title, I liked the place a lot. The food is not expensive and very tasty, the room is cozy and pleasant even when full, and it fills a very useful niche - a place where you can meet up with friends over a period of time, and where you can eat a full meal or just drink and not feel awkward for doing so. It's also a good second date kind of a place (or maybe a first date if you go at a less crowded time.) I'd be especially enthusiastic about grabbing a bite there during off hours (as it opens at noon most days)

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  1. B and I were visiting from Boston and we were there last night as well. My bro is the New Yorker and he brought us there. I also had the A to Z pinot gris (nice and crisp) and the boys had Southampton Double White, Bear Republic IPAs, Southern Tier double IPA. We were surprised to find the beers flat and tasting a little "dirty" (the lines). But honestly, we didn't care a whole lot about that - once the crispy fries, rich mac n' cheese, burger, angel hair pasta, and pork belly dishes came along, we were happy. Beantown could use a couple places like this - it was packed and convivial (we saw several cheerful beer spillages).

    Other meals at Don's Bogam in K-town (my Korean mom and dad ordered a ridiculous amount of tasty food) and an okay brunch at Schiller's (burger and seared tuna arugula salad) rounded out the weekend. Thanks NYC (baseball notwithstanding).