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Feb 16, 2009 07:13 AM

prohibition taproom

i haven't seen this place mentioned often on here so i thought i would. this is a pretty spectacular place to avoid the weekend mob scene as it's a bit out of the way (but not too far from center city). i went twice in the past couple days. seems like there's a fish stew/bouillabaisse dish floating around various gastropubs in the city and i am a big fan of it. prohibition taproom's stew consists of monkfish, clams, mussels and shrimp, swimming in a tasty white wine/tomato broth. there's some stewed tomatoes and leeks in this one too. sound familiar? i just raved about almost the same exact dish at the standard tap, right down to the leeks! big loaves of grilled bread come on the side to lap up that tasty broth. the dish's cost? $16. i've spent twice that to have not-as-yummy smaller fish portions at many of our nicer restaurants recently. this dish is a special at prohibition taproom but i sure hope it is served regularly. i went on friday night, and liked it so much i had to go back two nights later for the same dish!

i also started off with a beet salad with goat cheese, toasted almonds and arugula. nice combination of flavors in this simple salad. and the beer list, if you haven't been to prohibition taproom, is extensive... tons of bottles, and a good list of locals on tap. i had weyerbacher's fireside ale, sly fox's helleslager, and yards' love stout from the tap. yum. this place is going to be seeing a lot more of me! it's sorta comparable to the standard tap, but in a less hip neighborhood and minus a lot of the hipster crowds! :)

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  1. i am surprised that prohibition hasn't been on chowhound yet, it's been good since the moment it opened. though i must say i do more drinking there than eating, but i haven't had a single bad thing yet, from special pork chops to the grilled veggie sandwich to the soups and the fries and fried green beans. all delicious!

    and as for the beers......MMMMM! they had all the good christmas ales (mad elf, corsendonk christmas, many more, my memory is failing me) during december and a nice selection of stouts to help you pass the winter. the only place with a better stout selection at the moment, imo, is the devil's den.