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Feb 16, 2009 05:48 AM

North suburban Atlanta- fine dining suggestions?

This chowhound from Boston is going to be visiting his folks in Cartersville next month and wants to take them out to eat at a *nice* place, with great food, (a good wine list would be a plus, too) but I don't want to go into Atlanta itself (i think 'doing the city' would be a bit much for them), i'm hoping someone can suggest some fine dining ideas (no chain restaurants, please) north of Atlanta. Thanks!

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  1. Cartersville is hardly suburban Atlanta - it's waaay out there. While I can't comment on any local spots, I can tell you that it is a long trek to get to the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Kennesaw is the closest major city to you and it will still take about 30 minutes to get there. Just a head's up that you may be in for some driving!

    Marietta and Roswell are probably good starting points.

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      Appalachian Grill
      14 E Church St
      Cartersville, GA 30120
      (770) 607-5357

    2. Check out D. Morgan's. I have had several fabulous meals there.