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Feb 16, 2009 05:46 AM

daughter's 21st birthday

I need somewhere really special to take my daughter, and 16 year old son to celebrate her 21st birthday. Price is no issue. I just want her to feel pampered, and great. We'll be staying in boston, probably by the common. We could walk, or take a taxi.

thanks so much!

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  1. Well, I'd like to know more about what food/atmosphere she likes. Is she a Chowhound?

    First thought about "by the Common" is Troquet. I love their food, and considering it's her 21st birthday, they also have an incredible wine list.

    But please give us more info about her likes, dislikes, etc.

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      Thanks so much for your reply! I wanted to try Lock-obers, remembering it from when I was a kid and my parents used to go there on special occasions. Then I remembered that she doesn't really like seafood. She does love lobster though - so Lock-obers might be ok. She likes to dress up, so fancy is fine. Other than that she's pretty easy to please. I just want to go somewhere where she'll feel really special. She's had a tough few years.

      thank you so much!

      1. re: mwt

        I'd go with Locke-Ober. There are always several meat options on the menu (I'd say it's about 50-50 meat and fish and within the fish section, there's always a lobster option,) so she'd have plenty to choose from. The baked Alaska is practically a party in itself. Very special ambiance, delicious food (blows 9 Park out of the water on both front, IMO).

        1. re: peelmeagrape

          Thanks so much for your advise. We had a great time at Lock-Obers - loved the baked alask! And the ambiance is warm old world Boston at it's best. Thanks again

    2. I might recommend Pigalle - a great French restaurant, which is a short walk South on Charles street from the Common.

      1. My first thought was Eastern Standard which I think is pretty fun for 16 and 21 year olds. But if you want pampering and want to stay close to the Common, No. 9 Park would work well. As would the aforementioned Troquet, but I think that would feel kind of dead for kids that age. Or maybe Mama Maria in the north end.

        1. Its not close to the Commons really but the redline which is will shoot you straight to Harvard Sq. I suggest Upstairs at the Square which has delicious food, fun drinks, and a nice night life around it usually when warmer. For a more fun eclectic decor book a table in their "Monday Club Room" and for elegant girly (its PINK) pampering dinner go for the "Soiree Room" which has more upscale food and service.

          1. My vote would be for No. 9 Park as well. They have a phenomenal tasting menu (and what's more special and pampered than a tasting menu?) and some of the best bartenders in town if she wants to try her first real martini/cosmo/whatever. Plus, you can tell her that the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck eat there all the time, which should make her feel pretty special. Troquet IS great, but the crowd always seems heavy on the financial district-ers after work to me. Not so fun for a 21 year-old or her sister. Also, Barbara Lynch (the chef and owner) is a successful model for young women everywhere.