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Feb 16, 2009 05:34 AM

Help Please: Canteen, The House, Spruce, or Spork

I know four is a lot of choices, but I've looked here, there and everywhere and they all seem interesting from afar. Most interested in delicious food with extra points for being creative. Second, a relaxed atmosphere and vibe. Thanks in advance for your help in prioritizing. I only have one dinner in SF.

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  1. Spruce stands out as not being at the same price point/atmosphere level of the other choices you propose--it is business dinner formal with prices to match.

    Spork I visited recently and liked OK, but not enough to return any time soon.

    Canteen I love, and it's informal, but you should be aware that it's tiny and has timed seatings, so you can't linger over your coffee.

    Someone else would have to speak up about The House--I ate there two or three years ago and wouldn't have a good sense of what it's like today.

    As an alternate, I might suggest Aziza, creative Cal-Moroccan in outer Richmond. Service is professional but warm.

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      Almost everyone I know loves The House. It's very, very consistent and one of the best Asian fusion restaurants here.

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        A restaurant's places page is the best way to find out threads where a restaurant has been linked or discussed. I know there have been some reports in the last year.

        The House
        1230 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133