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Feb 16, 2009 05:04 AM

question for Asheville hounds

The girl who cuts my hair is from Mexico, and when I asked her where I could get authentic Mexican fare in WNC, she at first said, "It's difficult." But then she mentioned a place at Smiley's Flea Market in Fletcher. She said they have things like posole and menudo and that they make their own tortillas, but she couldn't remember the name. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

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  1. hi jeff,

    i don't have any specifics, but i do recall an xpress review from a few years back...

    maybe that will give you something to go on.

    always up for good mexican fare, so let us know what you find.


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    1. re: mark

      Thanks. I remember this article, but unfortunately it doesn't provide much detail other than the name Garcia's. I'll see what else I can find out...

      1. re: mark

        I have heard Smileys does have a good selection of authentic Mexican food. I also think you will do well with Taqueria Fast, Tienda Gonzales (on Haywood Rd), and a new comer who may be worth trying is Tacos Jalisco (word on the street is their tacos are great but I have not tried).

        1. re: Sombra

          Still haven;t made it to Smiley's yet, but I hope to soon!

      2. Yes.There are several places at Smileys that serve really good Mexican Street type fare.Not much english is spoken and the lines can get long, but well worth it.

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        1. re: Spreadhead

          Are these mainly stalls, or are there some sit-down places? What have you had that you really liked?

        2. Friends took me to a restaurant on Haywood Rd "Speedy Gonzales" authentic, little english spoken...sorry I don't know the address but worth searching for!!

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          1. taqueria fast in N.Asheville is very good...

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              1. re: Jeff C.

                North Asheville - Woodfin area on Weaverville BLVD.
                175 Weaverville Rd # B
                It is in a strip mall.

                  1. re: Jeff C.

                    Taqueria Fast is definitely worth a try. I am no authority on Latin food, but it seems to be the most authentic in the area. The restaurant is very casual, you order from the counter and they bring the food out to you. Their food tastes fresh and has a decent amount of spice. The place gets packed at lunch time so you might want to plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy!

                    1. re: SISC

                      Just a lunch place? (I live in Hendersonville.) Also, do they speak English?

                      1. re: Jeff C.

                        They serve dinner as well do speak English, perhaps grudgingly so. If you are in Hendersonville, the options at Smiley's are likely just as good.

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