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Feb 16, 2009 04:59 AM

Drinks after Babbo

Hello! Six of us will be dining at Babbo on a Saturday evening and I am looking for a nice place to have a few drinks afterward. It is my husbands birthday, so I'm looking for something a little more upscale but without an attitude. We are all in our 30's and would like to find somewhere we will be able to have a conversation and hear each other.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Try the bar in the Washington Sq Hotel. It's pretty nice and they make killer martinis. It's pretty small and intimate, and in my experiences, not too crowded.

    1. Temple Bar on Lafeyette
      Merc Bar on Mercer
      Pegu Club on Houston (i've never experienced attitude there, though I'm sure it happens)
      Death and Co. in E. Village if you want to walk off the food first ;)
      The Room on Sullivan if you're only after wine/beer (I haven't been in a few years but it used to be a lovely dark sexy bar for wine/belgian beers)

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      1. re: Nehna

        Only Temple Bar is a good suggestion for the OP.

        Merc Bar blasts DJ music on Saturday nights.

        Pegu is overrun on Saturday nights -- nothing at all like it is during the week.

        Death & Co. could work but you'll probably have to wait an hour.

        The Room isn't good for a group of six and is usually crowded on a Saturday.

        1. re: Sugar

          The last few times I've been to Pegu on a weekend it's been OK, surprisingly. Maybe it's the economy?

          D&C would be ideal but for a group of 6 you'd need one of the larger booths and the wait can be endless on a Saturday night... especially since last call is just after 11.

          I would also try to call PDT and make a reservation for later on in the evening, if you can.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

            1. re: desdamona3

              id throw in 8th street winebar which is surprisingly solid and nice...a bit more casual than babbo but nice nonetheless...possibly eletteria's bar if it looks empty...they have decent drink concoctions and very close to babbo.

          2. re: Sugar

            I haven't gotten the impression that Pegu Club ever lets itself be overrun. When they reach comfortable capacity, they make people wait, don't they?

            1. re: Pan

              yeah they do make people wait, but Saturday night there is a lot different from Tuesday night, i.e. the experience there and the quality of the drinks is a lot different when it's totally jammed.

              1. re: Sugar

                It is different, yes, but I'll just say that compared to most other bars, it isn't jammed on Saturday.

        2. if you like beer try blind tiger on bleeker & 7th ave although the crowd is a little bit younger than what you might want

          1. Its a little bit of a walk westward, but I have always enjoyed Otherroom on Perry St (used to live around the corner). It's just wine and beer, but it's laid back and comfy without being collegiate or trendy (feels right if you're in your 30s and eating at Babbo). I wouldn't say it's extremely upscale (like Pegu or Death & Co, which I love but is too far to walk and too much of a wait), but it's nice and definitely conversation friendly.

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            1. re: _emilie_

              The Otherroom sounds great. I'm interested in more about the lounge/bar

              1. re: skypilot

                It's pretty small, and on a side street so it doesn't get a ton of foot traffic going by. Exposed brick, candle-light, maybe 4 bistro-style tables in the front along a banquette, seating at the bar (for maybe another 8?), and then some lower tables in the (even smaller) back room. Decent wine list by the glass, decent beer list. Not sure what else I can tell you about it (I haven't been in a while).