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Roasted Chicken

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I'm looking for the best restaurant roasted chicken in Manhattan. Straight up, maximum comfort food factor, but in a 'high-end' environment. Once upon a time Odeon was pretty unbeatable, but that was a very long time ago. Any thoughts welcome.

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  1. Spigolo (Italian) 81/2nd has brick roasted chicken-very good usually served w polenta-YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! It's a smallish half chicken but perfect for even a big appetite.

      1. I recently had seriously delicious roasted chicken at Apiary. Not too surprising since Scott Bryan, formerly at Veritas, is now in charge of Apiary's kitchen. I wouldn't describe the restaurant as "high-end," but service was excellent, and the decor is very attractive.


        1. Supper (2nd St. between A and B) has very good Pollo Arrosto. It's not high-end, though.

          1. The chicken at Gramercy Tavern is amazing. I usually do not like white meat but there is is moist and tender. I don't know how they do it. It is on the Tavern menu, but not sure if you can get it in the main dining room.

            1. The roasted chicken at Hearth was very good the last time I had it. It was juicy, tasty and tender, served au jus, and Marco explained to us that he sourced them from Sonoma and that they are all free range.

              Little Owl also has a pretty good Roast Chicken dish.

              1. I loved the roasted chicken at Periyali (19th or 20th near 6th ave). The chicken was super juicy and lemony - it was delicious and I have been thinking of it often since then!

                1. L'Absinthe does an excellent roast chicken.