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Feb 16, 2009 03:34 AM

When will Tire d'Erable reappear?

At some point in March after the sap has been flowing for awhile, the maple toffy will reappear in Gilbert Jodoin's stall in the Atwater market (theirs is the best, imho) and le Bilboquet will mix their own toffy into their own maple syrup ice cream.

In the fall I bought the last containers that Jodoin had for sale. I am waiting for the tire to return to both the market and the ice cream. Does anyone know if either or both might be available as early as the first week of March when I next get to Montreal?

My recollection is that it starts a bit later than that.

This is indeed a very sticky topic. How long will it remain sticky?

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  1. I don't know about those two, but there's a stand at JTM that's serving up maple taffee, right now. Obviously it's made from last year's crop of syrup.

    I reckon this year's crop won't be available until late march, so anything you get before then will be made from last year's syrup.

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      Was passing by Mont-Royal metro this weekend and noticed the annual maple stall was up and running too, including their little taffy contraption with the snow.