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Feb 15, 2009 08:40 PM


Hi I'm a student from BC looking for a sushi place to take a friend of mine on a date. Im looking for something near the eaton center, or downtown toronto, somewhere we can sit down after some shopping. A modern nicely decorated atmosphere is key and pricing between $15-25 a plate for lunch. Are there any places with sushi on a conveyor belt as a more casual backup option?

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  1. Toronto isn't Vancouver. What area are you looking at? Be forewarned: sushi in Toronto is pretty bad. There are some good places, but you'll be forking out more than you would in Vancouver.

    You'll get the same recommendations as usual, but it would help if you gave a location so we can attempt to find the best restos close to what you're looking for.

    1. Ki is pretty modern. If you want something more traditional try Takesushi or Nami.
      The only conveyor belt place I know of is Fune.

      All of these places are easily accessible from Eaton Centre, even through the PATH if you don't want to go outdoors (except Fune, you'd have to go outside for a block).

      Since you're asking about conveyor belt sushi I assume you're not looking for the best quality sushi anyway.

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        Oops, didn't notice the Eaton Centre part. Yeah, Take is probably your best bet for something close.

      2. It's true that what you seek doesn't exist. If you seek high quality then you must do one of two things.

        Sacrifice "modern" and go with TakeSushi. It's fairly reasonable to get to from the Eaton Centre as it's merely two subway stops away.

        Sacrifice "near the Eaton Centre" and go to Omi. You'd need to subway up to College and then ride the streetcar to Parliament. Modern decor, well worth the trip, and quite a bargain at lunch. Omi is my personal favourite.

        Avoid Ki and Nami unless your date is impressed with mediocrity.

        22 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J1C4, CA

        243 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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          thanks everyone for the responses! i think ill try takesushi, havent had much fish since ive been in ontario, we're spoiled out west we'll see how it goes

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            Please let us know how it goes. Thanks csmit295.

        2. I really like Shogun on Cumberland in Yorkville
          Small place but great food. Yummy Sushi Sashimi
          Service was right on also:)
          You can even sit at the Sushi Bar and watch them in action

          154 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

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            I agree with the above about Shogun (although prices are up and portions are down from about 3 years ago).

            But, definitely NOT near Eaton Centre and definitely NOT modern decor. Plus, unless you're careful, it would break the $15-25 price point.

          2. Theres sushi train just south of yonge & bloor, it has a conveyor belt, modern looking, didnt suit my tastes when i was there but they have a some different choices..i think there is another sushi place close by across the street that just opened last year havent tried it but i think it has the belt thing as well.

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                There's another belt sushi down south on Yonge a couple of blocks on the east side, forget the name. Nothing special but nothing vile either, I stop in there when I'm not feeling adventurous.

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                    no no no...i don't recommend toko. maybe mochizuki. i think there is a link below