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Feb 15, 2009 08:30 PM

LA without a car!

I'm going to be in a hotel near the airport next weekend WITHOUT A CAR! (Shock, horror!) I know there's transit line and I can change to other transit lines. What restaurants can I get to on the transit line with a reasonable amount of walking (if I don't get arrested for walking)?

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  1. What type of food are you interested in ? Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

    You're either a very optimistic person or you don't understand the limitations of LA's public transportation.

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      Yeah, I know. I have been in :LA and I've driven there-just last year as a matter of fact. This is a trip- I have to admit- that I have to do to retain my elite status with the airline so I don't have to pay for luggage and can choose my seats for the rest of the year. So I'm happy hanging out by the pool in February. But it would be nice to work in a restaurant experience. Maybe it will help to know that in Las Vegas recently I ate in a Wolfgang Puck and twice at Thomas Keller's Bouchon.

    2. The Green Line light rail is close to LAX (a free shuttle runs every few minutes a station from the airport). Depending on how much time you have and you food interests, you can eat well close to light rails and subways. There are also probably some local buses that can get you to nearby Manhatten Beach, Marina del Rey and Santa Monica. I am unfamilar with the bus lines. If you re-post, describe how much time you have and your interests (high-end, hole-in-the-wall, a particular ethnic food, etc), I am sure someone will post some good, nearby restaurants.

      One of the more interesting places for food that is relatively close to LAX is in the suburb of Lynwood. Take the Green Line east to the Rosa Parks (Imperial/Wilmington) station and a short walk north will take you to Plaza Mexico, a Mexican theemed shopping center with some great restaurants including La Husateca (which reminds me of places I have eaten in Mexico City) and La Guelauguetza (Oaxacan food). There are other options in the center but I think these are the best.

      Nearby this station, the Green Line meets the Blue Line which can take you to downtown Long Beach and Pine Square where there are multiple options- on the higher end consider Tracht's, L'Opera, 555 East or a few blocks down towards the water, Parkers Lighthouse. There are plenty of other choices near the light rail stations.

      If you take the Blue Line north, it ends in downtown LA where there are at plenty of options. From the end of the Blue Line, there are subways (Red Line) that go other parts of downtown LA (east) or west to Koreatown, Hollywood and North Hollywood (in the San Fernando Valley). And the Gold Line goes north to Pasadena. All of these areas have quite a few good restaurants.

      Here is a link to the rail and subway system (buses too I think). Decide where you want to go, what kind of food you want to eat and how much time you have to explore.


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        Thank you for the recommendations- they're very helpful. I had seen the metro map, but I know that it's not always a good idea to walk from the metro stop in LA.

      2. There is a free bus (it looks like a trolly) that will take you to Downtown Manhattan Beach on the hour from most airport hotels. I recommend Petros in the Metlox Center. Very good Greek food.

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          I'm thinking of going to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant- has anyone eaten there? The reviews on TripAdvisor look good.

        2. An easy way to get to Union Station, which is the hub of public transit in LA, is to take the Flyaway bus between LAX and the Union Station bus depot. It costs $6 each way, runs every 30 mins and is quick, direct and clean. (So unlike most LA public transit....) From Union Station you can easily take the Metro all over downtown LA and Hollywood, if you're planning on eating in either area.