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Feb 15, 2009 07:17 PM

Bo Ssam

Is there any place in LA that serves Bo Ssam like at Momofuku in NYC? I'd settle for recs for regular bo ssam as long as it's tasty... Thank you!

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  1. "Bo Ssam" is Korean for "for wrapping". Do you mean Korean barbecue with rice paper ("dduk bo ssam")? If so, go to Shik Do Rak in Koreatown or Garden Grove. Or did you mean something else?

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      That's certainly the type of Ssam that is served at Momofuku Ssam Bar in NYC.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I think the OP is referring to David Chang's version where it is a whole roasted pork shoulder served with a side of raw oysters. The wrapper is bibb lettuce and not rice paper.

        I don't think you can get the Chang interpretation out here. Maybe it's time for David Chang to do a LA outpost: Momofuku West?

        As for Chang's Bo Ssam, the easiest way is probably for you to make it yourself. It's almost a fool proof dish. The hardest part would probably be getting the freshly shucked oysters.

    2. there is also a shik do rak in northridge, corner of reseda and devonshire.

      1. don't know what momofuku's version is like. Sounds fusionish. But the real thing is steamed pork belly wrapped in lettuce/cabbage with kimchi and sometimes raw oysters. Kobawoo has nice version w/o the oysters.

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        1. re: peppermonkey

          Do they serve it with the oysters? Or can you recommend a place that has the oysters?

          1. re: tissue

            ham hung on 8th/ardmore serves one with oysters on the half shell. they don't give enough oysters, unfortunately.

        2. you can also buy it at the korean market where they prepared the wrapping and the oyster kimchee type mix. Check out Galleria Market on Olympic and Western or HK Super on Western and I think 2nd.