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Feb 15, 2009 06:16 PM

Paradise Kosher in Arizona?

Anybody out there have any comments or experiences of the Pesach program run by Paradise Kosher tours at the Raddison in Scottsdale?
Much Appreciated.

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  1. My family and I went with them last year.They ran a great, great program. It was in a different hotel (Millenium) but also in Scottsdale. Ask me as many specific questions as you like; I highly recommend this program

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    1. re: superdanni

      Sorry I didnt see this till now, I was travelling.

      Id like to know if they are well organized? if the children programs were good, was there adequate food? or were they stingy and cheap.

      what type of frum crowd was there?
      were the Rabbis or lectures any good?

      Many Many Thanks

      1. re: Cholent Fresser

        First off, they were definitely NOT stingy or cheap. The food was excellent; I remember it all being buffet style (which, as you know, is proof that there was abundance of food) and there were theme nights during chol hamoed. There are no children in my family, so I can't speak to the quality of their children's program. Also, my family isn't really into lectures and the like, so I can't comment on that, but check out their website: I beleive they highlight this year's scheduled speakers. The crows was for the most part Flatbush/5 Towns, so you have an idea of the "frumkeit" of the people. Someone mentioned the weather in Arizona. It is absolutely perfect. Hot, but not humid. You don't sweat, your hair doesn't frizz. It was truly ideal. We would go back there again, but I pushed for going somewhere else (just for the sake of change) and are going to Mexico instead. I am confident you will enjoy Paradise's Pesach program.

        1. re: Cholent Fresser

          cholent fresser, r u AL , i was wondering what you are doing this year and if you were ever w york in orlando?

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