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Feb 15, 2009 06:12 PM

Dinner and Dancing

Hi. I am throwing my mother a 60th birthday party and I wanted to go to a restaurant that already uses a band, to make it easier. I was thinking salsa but am open to suggestions. We will probably rent out the whole restaurant so it cant be huge. I was thinking El Floridata, I have been there fore a wrap party, but I remember it being small. They also live in the west side so anything on that side of town would be great. I am open to other places that just have a live band, does not have to be salsa. Thank you in advance.

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  1. A friendly reminder, the focus of this board is where to find great food and drink in the L.A. area, replies that do not discuss food or drink will be removed.


    1. How about Sevilla in Downtown Long Beach?

      1. Don't know if anyone mentioned this already, but the Cicada Club downtown is an art deco gem and is totally glamourous. The food is good too, but pricey. The drinks in the upstairs bar are poured by very knowledgeable bartenders and overall it's a great time. Go on Sundays for the big band.