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Feb 15, 2009 05:32 PM

10 week old Baby in the house!

My newborn turns 10 weeks tomorrow (it goes so fast!) and now that things are starting to get a little back to normal im getting in the kitchen a little more... Im looking for quick recipes, slow cooker recipes, make ahead recipes, easy recipes etc.
Thank you!

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  1. Roast a turkey ... I know sounds hard, but it takes no work and it makes many dishes, you can have turkey that night, turkey sandwiches, leftovers for turkey pasta, soup, hot turkey sandwiches. Use some shortcuts for stuffing if necessary like pre chopped celery, onions, etc from your grocery store, even cranberry jelly. Some of the jelly is great with the turkey for panini sandwiches with some gruyere or swiss cheese. I love turkey because clean it, s/p a little butter and cook. 3-4 hours later it is done.

    Slow cooked pulled pork. You can use it for sandwiches, just on the side, even add to pasta or wish. if you want me to post the recipe, just let me know.

    Also check this out:
    I posted several recipes on there

    Any pasta dish to me is easy, make a great simple tomato sauce that you could use with just pasta, or over chicken breasts, or add to a casserole.

    Baked ham, a good spiral ham is great ... heat and serve, dinner, sandwiches, mac and cheese, soups, scalloped potatoes and ham, a great pasta with peas gruyere cheese, some good wheat pasta, black olives and a light cream sauce. 15 min on the table. Fritattas, ham and eggs. Ham goes it many directions.

    A big pot of chili, 20 minutes and let it cook, chili for a few days.

    My favorite when roasting a chicken I often do 2. Just cut the other up in bags. Keep some to eat and freeze the others. Now you have great leftover chicken to make stir fry, pastas, grilled sandwiches, pizzas or just use some left over gravy or make some quick, a few roasted red potatoes mashed and you have chicken and potatoes from leftovers.

    Stir frys by far ... rice, vegetables and asian flavoring to me is so quick and so easy


    Let me know any specifics you enjoy and be glad to post any recipes.

    1. A three or four pound pork loin roast, S&P and poked with holes filled with cloves of garlic, and roasted in a 425 degree oven for a few hours and you can eat for a week. Slices of pork roast first night, cut up roast as an ingredient in other family style recipes, stir frys, meaty dinner salads, rolled into tortillas, in tomato based or white sauces over noodles, rice or potatoes. Like the turkey, you'll get a lot of mileage out of these cuts of meat and wonderful flavor.

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        We think alike ... the link I gave her to the slow cooker recipes is the same idea. I love the pork roast. Great ideas too. Use it for many things. Like the tortilla idea, didn't think of that.

        My chicken you could do in quick quesadillas too with a little onion and cheese and peppers. Pot roast is the same or a good beef roast. Lots of uses, soups, sandwiches, salads, casseroles, even some quick spring rolls with some napa cabbage, pre shredded carrots, some sauce and presto, Bake and dinner is served.

        Best ... use the left over pork, chicken or beef for hash, potatoes, carrots, celery, meat of your choice, some simple seasoning, a little broth and fry on top of the stove. Then add a few indentations with a cup and put in eggs in those indents. Finish off in the oven. Hash for dinner for semi poached/over easy eggs. It is a great hash. I have one listed on my favorites. Sorry I can't link to it. My computer is acting up. A great 20 minute dinner.

        Love the pork todao

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          I make turkey once a month. Love the leftovers. Turkey asian, creamed is a great standard, just simple over toast with mashed and stuffing, classic diner food. but with sweet potatoes, brown sugar, brussel sprouts and some gruyere, salads, wow. So much. Love chicken the same way. For the money value you can't beat it.

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            Simmer one whole chicken in a box 1 qt of chicken broth and a bay leaf some salt and pepper and some Italian seasoning or your choice. Cook 2 hours until falling off the bone. Remove chicken and bag up. Strain broth for future use. Broth can be used for pasta, soups or gravies, Chicken for stew or chicken and cumplings would be great. Already have the broth and the chicken. Add some onions, carrots, celery and cook till the veggies are soft. Make some simple dumplings and add to the pot. Cover and cook until soft. Easy chicken and dumplings. With lots of leftovers.

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              RE: pork roast--slip a needle of rosemary into the slit with the garlic for some added flavour.

            2. My baby is 18 months, and here are some of my favorites:
              >Get some decent pre-made soup from the deli section of the supermarket, and poach an egg in it as you heat it up on the stove. One or two eggs per serving.
              >Get your husband to grill a bunch of chicken. Save it to put on salads during the week.
              >Pasta. Using a saute pan, you can make a nice tomato sauce in about 20 minutes.
              >Curry. Get some thai curry paste, fry it a little with some garlic and extra ginger, add coconut milk and mix it up. Add chicken, veggies or whatever you want. Tofu and frozen peas are darn tasty, and you can't get much faster.
              >Roast veggies ahead of time. Use them through the week as a side dish, on salads, or heat some up with broth to make a soup.
              >This is my husband's favorite thing I make: caprese sandwich. Slice tomatoes. Slice fresh mozzarella cheese. Mix pesto and mayonaise and spread on bread. Make sandwich. Capers are good with this too.
              >If you're making anything that can freeze (sauces, soups, chili), make extra and freeze the leftovers.

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                Wow thank you guys for the wonderful ideas! Kchurchill5 you have so many wonderful helpful yummy looking ideas! Would you mind posting a couple of your fave stir fry recipes?? Im going to look up the hash in your faves today! Im thinking a big pot of chili tonight! I will try and roast a turkey on Sunday when my husband is home- What a great idea!

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                  No problems, turkey is great, I have some chili recipes on their too, cut back your spice is breastfeeding, but still a good base recipe unless you have your own. Same with my chicken hash. Make as spicy as you want.

                  Stir Fry Chicken or Turkey (left over chicken):

                  1/2 lb chicken of 1 1/2 cups thin sliced or leftover chicken work great; 1/2 lb peeled shrimp (tails removed); 1 cup broccoli florets; 1 small can of water chesnuts; 1 cup of thin julienne sliced carrots; 3 scallions diced; 1/2 cup water; 5 tablespoons soy sauce; 3 tablespoons sherry; 3 teaspoons cornstarch; 2 garlic cloves

                  Mix water, soy, sherry, cornstarch and garlic and set aside. Heat your wok and add your oil. Add the chicken and cook until done, then add the vegetables until slightly soft and then add the shrimp. Finally add the soy mixture, cook for 1-2 minutes until thick. You can add some chicken broth if too thick. Serve over chow mein noodles and rice. NOTE: This works with beef too.

                  Stir Fry Shrimp:

                  1 lb shrimp peeled and tails removed; 1 small onion thin sliced; 1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms; white rice (I like Jasmine); 3 teaspoons garlic; 1 cup chicken broth; 1/2 teaspoon ginger; 1 1/2 cups frozen peas; 3 tablespoons butter; 1 tablespoon cornstarch; 2 teaspoons oil;

                  Make the rice and set aside. Then mix the cornstarch, ginger, broth, salt and pepper and ginger and set aside. Then heat the oil in the wok or pan and cook the shrimp, onion, garlic and mushrooms, cook about 3 minutes. Stir in the broth mixture and the peas and heat to it thickens. Add more broth if necessary. Serve over rice

                  Stir Fry Pork and Peaches:

                  1 lb pork tenderloin, cut in thin strips; 2/3 cup store bought plum sauce; 1/3 cup apple juice/ 2 tablespoons soy sauce; 3 teaspoons corn starch; 3 teaspoons garlic minced; 3/4 cup scallions cut in 1" pieces; 1/2 cup green and red bell pepper cut in thin strips; 2 peaches peeled and sliced

                  Mix the apple juice, soy, cornstarch and plum sauce and set aside. Then in the wok add the oil and cook the pork and garlic, then add the onions, peppers and peaches. Then add the plum mixture until thick and gooey. Serve over jasmine rice or plain rice is good too

                  Roast a pork tenderloin with a simple marinade and then use it for the stir fry, add some BBQ and BBQ'd hoagie sandwiches and serve with a simple warm potato salad and a hint (you can buy pre sliced potatoes) saves lots of time. I normally don't but hey I'm a working single mom ... it is still better than fast food or take out. Layer it with the leftover ham, milk, a little cheese and salt and pepper and you have scalloped potatoes for 4. Another comfort food.

                  If you want I have a great cream, bacon and egg pasta suace, 10 minutes and done, handed down by a girlfriend my Italy. You have to try it ... it is amazing. Also a one with peas, cream and ham. Another favorite. Let me know.

              2. One of the best pieces of advice I've read on this topic is to think of foods that you can eat with one hand (assuming the other hand is occupied with the baby!). Things that come to mind are pulled pork soft tacos, pesto tortellini, lettuce wraps, and nachos.

                1. When I had my son I remembered less cooking was the key. Make one thing and anything you could make that could be used for quick other meals was the key. My ex and I used to trade eating one holds the baby the other eats. Also, sometimes important to have things that can be reheated but babies don't always cooperate. Also spice ... is breastfeeding. Spice is not the best.

                  Also salmon is good, buy a whole salmon or 1/2. I cook it all at once ... dinner with some the first night. Left overs great for a salad, or a simple salmon sandwich (like tunafish), and then in a simple quick pasta dish and even some left over for a simple salmon cake or salmon quesadillas. I time cooking and the hard part is done.

                  I never minded the eating part but cooking was difficult, less time in the kitchen was the key part!