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Feb 15, 2009 05:22 PM

Still Hungry ... Late Night ... How about an Fried Egg Sandwich?

When I was little and hungry late at night we had two options which were my favorites ... a toasted tuna fish sandwich or a fried egg sandwich. The bread was never toasted and no butter, just a fried egg over easy, still the yoke was slightly running.

I to this day I absolutely love them. I just had one the other night. I had a early dinner and it was just a salad so at 9:30 I was hungry.

Is anyone else out there a big fan of the good ol' fried egg sandwich? And if so ... How do you make yours?

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  1. Like you, I've loved them since childhood. I make them with mayonnaise and a couple of thin slices of red or yellow onion. For variety, I sometimes ad a bit of mustard and/or horse radish and perhaps a few bacon bits. A nice fresh loaf of bread makes it even nicer and sometimes I use a whole wheat bread, sesame seed bread or a beautiful San Francisco sour dough french. But I admit I prefer to toast and butter the bread. That adds another dimension.
    Did I mention that my wife would prefer not to be in the same room with me when I'm enjoying my fried egg sandwich? She doesn't know what she's missing.

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      I love a good fried egg sandwich! I like my bread toasted and sometimes cream cheese and ketchup or sometimes the works- mayo, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, sliced onions and tomato! I like to crack my yolk while frying the egg and i cook it so its soft but not too runny.... YUM! Oh and bacon never hurts in either combo!

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        Childhood staple for me too! When I was younger it was white bread, lots of mayo, a bit of mustard and thin slices of sharp cheddar with not one but two fried eggs, yolks still very runny....smash together and chomp away on gooey goodness. Now it is whole grain bread, thin swipe of mayo and mustard most times no cheese and one fried, (yolk still runny) pesky veggies on mine, all fat....yum!

        1. re: bubbles4me

          Have to try mayo, I guess I have missed out.

        2. re: gastronomy

          Eggcellent! I crack my yolk and mix up the white and yolk a bit, soft but 'marbled' if you will. On buttered whole grain toast on top of cheese (whatever's around, but I especially like a swiss or sharp cheddar) so the heat from the egg melts the cheese. I'll put bacon, sausage, ham or whatever I've got, sea salt and a lot of cracked black pepper and grape jelly.

          For dinner, I will do a pepper and egg, with cheese, variation.

          I had entirely forgotten about these little fast and filling gems until a friend made one for me a few years ago. I have since made them for other friends that were delighted to rediscover them as well. My daughter loves them and I have made them for several of her friends who then went home and told their parents who also started making them again. So, it's been six degrees of breakfast foods.

          1. re: Whosyerkitty

            Grape jelly? Ok ... not too sure, but why not? I love them my son doesn't but we had a summer home and every weekend summer (mom taught so their all summer) northern MI, winters fall and spring every weekend. Well we drove from Detroit to northern MI, so we always got up their late on Fri nights. Egg sammys were a stable. Also we fished alot during the summers so 11 or 12 returning from fishing on the lake (we lived on a lake and night fishing was big) we all ate egg sammys. It was a tradition.

            I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I guess simple food for simple times still exists.

            1. re: kchurchill5

              fried egg on buttered Kaiser roll, s&p plus a shot of hot sauce... great; portable and available at pretty much any diner or deli around!

          2. re: gastronomy

            I crack mine too, not sure on the ketchup but each his own. Cream cheese sounds interesting.

            I make scrambled eggs and always add 1 teaspoon of cream cheese or herbed cheese with chives and onions or any good soft herbed cheese. Amazing scrambled eggs!!

            1. re: kchurchill5

              Kchurchill: I'm with you on the scrambled egg sandwiches. I've forgotten all about them! On toast, with mayo and lettuce. Wonderful. I think I'm put off by the yolk OR white aspect of fried egg sandwich bites -- I like both together, although there must be one or two bites that have appropriate proportions. And I'll make hard-boiled egg sandwiches, which are also good.
              Our quick meal is pasta with fried eggs, i.e boil up some spaghetti or linguini, when almost done heat olive oil in a pan and add eggs, salt and pepper, turn down heat and add a lid to cook the top of the eggs, and plop them on top of the drained pasta, with some good Romano cheese. The yolk coats the pasta. Very satisfying.

          3. re: todao

            It is simply orgasmic ... sh*t can I say that, lol. It is truly heaven. It is the best sandwich around. My ex hated it... I still love it. I like the onion, not sure about the mayo, I have done thin tomato slices and sometimes depending on how hungry ... bacon and even cheese. I do toast sometimes, I'm 50/50 on that. And yes a good bread I enjoy. I have a good multi grain from my grocer which I love. The perfect "nite nite" food. Comfort at it's best

            1. re: kchurchill5

              I make scrambled eggs with cream cheese, too, and sometimes raspberries or peaches. Scoop it on an English muffin. Kids LOVE this.

              1. re: Whosyerkitty

                I've put my on an english toasted muffin with apples ... I like the raspberries, who knew eggs and fruit ...It is good!

              1. re: MazDee

                Oh ... it doesn't get much better! Thx

                1. re: MazDee

                  My goodness, what was with all the wasted motion? I can do five of those in the same time and effort.

                  1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                    This could use a slight improvement. Cut back on the mayo and spread bread with mashed up avocado. So good that it is probably a sin to eat it.

              2. Many (very many) years ago, after a night out on the town and in the wee hours of the morning, I used to stop in at our local Sambo's (not politically correct today, but it was a legitimate restaurant chain back then) and order a Cheese Egg Burger. The first time I ordered it they didn't know how to prepare it; so I taught 'em. Simply a hamburger with all the trimmings on toasted loaf bread with a fried egg (broken but tender yolk) on top of the meat patty. They never did put it on the menu but they learned to make it for me whenever I ordered it. Alongside a vanilla milk shake ... YUMMM

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                1. re: todao

                  I love you :)

                  That sounds great, I love to do a great true rich ground steak burger with that on some good chibata bread and a herbed aioli, heirloom yellow tomato (sweeter) and arugula.


                2. I do a marbled egg - fried so the edges are pretty crispy, on top of soft white potato bread and slather of good mayo. Sometimes I add some hot banana peppers or ketchup. Yum!

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                  1. re: soypower

                    Love the banana peppers, I have done that. Never mayo. I really missed out. Next time I promise to try.

                  2. For all the people who come to Pittsburgh and insist on going to Primanti's, there's nuthin' like a Premanti's pastrami and egg sandwich with cheese. Of course, it comes on Italian bread and is topped with cole slaw and French fries.

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                    1. re: yayadave

                      Yummy, I hate pittsburg, sorry!! but I may have to re create in sunny FL

                      1. re: yayadave

                        Darn! I'm afraid I hate the Pitt, too, but have been there for business and never know when I may again.

                        I HAVE had pastrami omelets before and yum. With swiss and a side of dark rye toast.

                        1. re: Whosyerkitty

                          I love egg sammy on pump or dark rye, tasty!

                      2. This is a real comfort food staple in my mother's kitchen, and now mine. We share an irrational fear of runny eggs (I know, I know) so I break the yolk and cook it through. Bread always toasted, with butter. When I'm feeling fancy I sometimes slice some cheddar thin and add it to the sandwich, and if I'm feeling very elaborate I slice some tomato too. Mmmm. Now I want one....