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Feb 15, 2009 04:17 PM

ISO Korean shaved ice- pat bing soo?

Hi hounds

Any idea where I could find Korean shaved ice (pat bing soo)? Usual toppings can include red bean, fruit, ice cream, condensed milk, and the occasional cereal topping...

Willing to travel far and wide within the bay area for it...

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  1. In Berkeley on Bancroft, a little west of Telegraph, is a coffee shop with lots of Korean offerings. I have seen a shaved ice dish there. Since I know nothing about Korean food I do not know if this is what you want. But there are tons of Korean students there eating this dish.

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    1. re: Michael Rodriguez

      Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out this week

      1. re: Cinemaverite1

        There used to be a gaming room in Koryo Plaza, in Oakland that served it. It wasn't good for L.A. standards, but it was good for the Bay Area.

    2. check for korean restaurants.. i think playground in j-town has it. and maybe arang on fillmore???