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Feb 15, 2009 03:38 PM

Oysters in Phoenix

Hello. I was wondering if there's a place in Phoenix to get good, fresh oysters.

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  1. I've had excellent oysters at Metro, and J&G Steakhouse. Most recently at J&G we enjoyed a platter of five types of fresh, tasty oysters - Hama Hama, Kumamoto, Totten Inlet (west coast), and Malpeque and Blue Point (east coast)

    J&G Steakhouse
    6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Metro Brasserie
    7114 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

      1. re: ipsedixit

        actually, as much as i enjoy yasu, i don't find their oysters to be spectacular.
        if i'm being honest, i've yet to find anyplace in town where they taste right. the fish market has them and they're probably he best i've had out here.

      2. i remember once driving past an oyster distributor in south phoenix, possibly on Mojave. definitely east of Central. does anyone have any experience with their oysters? I'd like to have an at-home oyster fest when we go back to visit.

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          1. Eddie V's and Wildfish also serve oysters.....
            The selection varies. The oysters they run on happy hour @ 50 cents each are usually from the gulf. They are very good!
            Sometimes we go in get a dozen oysters and a vodka martini straight up!

            McCormick and Schmick always have a selection of fresh pysters flown in fresh daily....

            1. re: ciaogal

              Both Eddie V's and Wildfish have 50 cent happy hour oysters?

              1. re: dafekdkn

                Yes, every evening until 7pm...along w/ select appetizers 50% off and $1 off drinks. In the summer they run it all night every night.
                You must be seated in the Lounge.

                1. re: ciaogal

                  Kincaid's also has 50% oysters during happy hour. Dunno if it's any good, however.

          2. I don't eat oysters, but friends have eaten them at Casey Moore's in Tempe. Whilst I drank beer. :)