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Oysters in Phoenix

Hello. I was wondering if there's a place in Phoenix to get good, fresh oysters.

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  1. I've had excellent oysters at Metro, and J&G Steakhouse. Most recently at J&G we enjoyed a platter of five types of fresh, tasty oysters - Hama Hama, Kumamoto, Totten Inlet (west coast), and Malpeque and Blue Point (east coast)

    J&G Steakhouse
    6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Metro Brasserie
    7114 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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        actually, as much as i enjoy yasu, i don't find their oysters to be spectacular.
        if i'm being honest, i've yet to find anyplace in town where they taste right. the fish market has them and they're probably he best i've had out here.

      2. i remember once driving past an oyster distributor in south phoenix, possibly on Mojave. definitely east of Central. does anyone have any experience with their oysters? I'd like to have an at-home oyster fest when we go back to visit.

        1. Eddie V's and Wildfish also serve oysters.....
          The selection varies. The oysters they run on happy hour @ 50 cents each are usually from the gulf. They are very good!
          Sometimes we go in get a dozen oysters and a vodka martini straight up!

          McCormick and Schmick always have a selection of fresh pysters flown in fresh daily....

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            Both Eddie V's and Wildfish have 50 cent happy hour oysters?

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              Yes, every evening until 7pm...along w/ select appetizers 50% off and $1 off drinks. In the summer they run it all night every night.
              You must be seated in the Lounge.

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                Kincaid's also has 50% oysters during happy hour. Dunno if it's any good, however.

          2. I don't eat oysters, but friends have eaten them at Casey Moore's in Tempe. Whilst I drank beer. :)

            1. OP here i bought some oysters from said place and they had 2 options: east coast oysters for 100 pieces for 50 dollars, or 40 pounds of some texas origin oysters for 45 dollars. i picked up a box of the 45 dollar ones. i'm not much of a oyster expert but they seem pretty big from what they serve at resturants and the fresh ness of them seems right

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                Where do you purchase the bulk oysters??

              2. these are pictures of the oysters

                1. Yasu sushi bistro on cactus east of 40th street. I dislike oysters but yasu made me like them. Everything he makes is bomb.

                  1. Well, since the Rio Salado does not have oysters, and last time that I checked, Phoenix was not really close to any ocean, or salt-water bay, all oysters will have to be brought in. If they are flown in, they should be good, in a good season, and during the right time of the year.

                    Being land-locked does not mean that seafood is absent, just that all will come in via jet, and one may actually get a larger range, than say in New Orleans, where the oysters will come from the Gulf, Lake Pontchartrain o maybe Texas, and seldom from elsewhere.

                    Best calamari steak that I have ever had was in Denver, CO, about as far from an ocean, as one can get.

                    I'm more of a fan of the Gulf, or Lake oysters in New Orleans, or the Gulf Coast, but cannot recall any place in Phoenix, that wow'ed me. I am sure that some restaurants DO get some good ones, flown in daily, but I have just not experienced them - yet.


                    PS - though a zombie thread, oysters in Phoenix are still a good topic.

                    1. Went out with friends to Casey Moore's in Tempe and had some of the best oysters rockfeller.
                      Took about a half hour for a couple dozen but well worth the wait.
                      Oysters on the half shell were shucked fresh and outstanding.
                      Food was quite good too..alive and kicking fun place that needs to be on the rotation when I'm in town.

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                        Do you know where their oysters are from, or does selection vary? Thanks.


                      2. Pappadeaux on I-17 near Cactus, northbound access road. Excellent gulf oysters in season and all year long from East and West coasts.

                        Last year I hosted a couple of New Orleans style dinners with grilled oysters, on the half-shell, and chowder. I bought a whole box (six dozen??) for $50 at Ranch Market at 19th ave and Dunlap. Fresh as could be with the label on the box from Louisiana two days before.

                        Recently bought some from the new Winco on Bell at 7th Ave. Not bad.