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Feb 15, 2009 03:37 PM

Sapori d' Italia-Fountain Hills (the old La Piazza)

Any comments, Chowhounders? Their wood-fired pizza is VERY good but has not transcended to greatness IMHO. The entrees are very good but seems a bit limited (no vitello [veal] or beef on the menu?).

Awesome calamari, if you like that. And a friendly waitstaff. Bartender is very friendly.

Also, the external "flame" still burns, a local mini-landmark (in the evenings anyway).

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  1. Hello Gabriel,
    Haven't tried it yet! Other than pizza, what type of entrees are on the menu/what range of pricing? IYHO, how does it rate in comparison to La Piazza (I was a big fan of their gorgonzola gnocchi!)?

    1. Love Sapori d' Italia! Better than NY style Pizza, Roma Pizza! The owners are all from Sicili by way of New York and the pizza maker is from Rome. You're just as likely to hear conversations in Italian from other patrons as from the owners/waitstaff . It's a lively and entertaining place to enjoy the best pizza in the valley.

      1. We really like this restaurant and have been to it many times. Our favorite dish is the pasta of your choice with sausage & peppers. This dish is not on the menu - you must ask for it! The sauce is one of the best we have ever tasted with succulent sausage and sweet bell peppers in a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce. We also like the pizzas here – the crust and the sauce are so flavorful. Our favorite pizza is the Capricciosa. The staff is very friendly and the Italian décor is warm and inviting.‎