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Feb 15, 2009 03:37 PM

What's up with the Tap House, another Chef let go.

I tried the Tap House again over the weekend,(some friends wanted to go, I should of stuck to my guns), sorry to say, it's nothing special. When it first opened I really enjoyed it, I spoke with our waiter, who was very open about mangement, and said they let go of their second chef, two in a year. He had alot to say about the place and the direction it's going in. (down). The food wasn't all that memorable, and the prices seem a bit pricy, especially the beers.

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  1. It's pretty sad, but I was excited when this place opened and I live within a mile of it, and have yet to go. I keep hearing such negative things about it. Portions are paltry, not much to choose from, and very average food. One positive I have heard is the beers. Yes expensive, but some are well worth it. I will get there eventually, but not going with very high expectations..

    As for the Chefs, the first one being let go has many a few threads on here so I won't beat a dead horse, but this seems to be the management companies history in all of their restaurants. Get hype, get review, can the poor guy.

    1. I am curious about what else the waiter divulged and what your experience was like in greater detail. What did you view as the problems? Care to share?

      1. I love their fish and chips. The ambiance is great in the bar area and the service is excellent.

        The beer is more expensive because they serve some of the world's best beer on tap. A hand-crafted belgium beer should be compared to a singel malt whisky.

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          Tbones, Like I said, I'll reserve judgement til I go myself, but they have great fish and chips? Yeah and I've heard they have decent burgers too.. but that's not the type of place it's trying to be. Making extremely simple things well is done all over. While you can't put a price on something you enjoy, I think $19 is a little steep for fish & chips