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Feb 15, 2009 03:20 PM

Vancouver seafood. whats best and kid friendly if possible

hi will be in vancouver soon with wife and 2 kids.(9and10) what is a must but also ok with the kids. thanks

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  1. Where are you staying?

    Do your kids like sushi? My kids are the same age and are sushi monsters. They like to eat at all-you-can-eat-sushi places like Tan Po Po (on Denman at Davie near English Bay). Quantity over quality :-)

    Sandbar on Granville Island has a great view and has decent seafood on the menu. Go Fish right outside Granville Island has Fish and Chips and Fish Tacones. Joe Fortes downtown has a good selection of seafood and has 'kid-friendly' food. For a seafood splurge, Blue Water Cafe and C.

    The best seafood value can be had at Chinese Seafood restaurants where you can pick out live fish or crab. Sun Sui Wah, Kirin, et al.

    1. The Fish House or Kettle of Fish is pretty kid friendly. The food is okay, doesn't have any wow factor for me but it is close to the beach and Stanley Park. I quite enjoy the Fish Cafe but haven't been in quite some time. Mostly fish items but it's done very simple but good. If you head down to Steveston, check out Sockeye Salmon Grill. The food is simple but really fresh and tasty.

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      1. re: gourmet wife

        we are renting a condo 3-4 blocks from Granville island. my kids are good with sushi but are more fish and chip,rare steaks or duck and olive oil based pastas types.

        1. re: kevin25

          You are very close to two of Vancouver's best restaurants then: Fuel and Gastropod. Both are a bit of a splurge (mains in the $30 avg range), but they are both localvore, organic, nose-to-tail, Oceanwise and independent. They have two of the best chefs in town. Their menu has a good mix of seafood, poultry and meat dishes.

          For Fish and Chips, then Go FIsh (which is a fish fry shack on the seawalk to the right of the entrance to Granville Island) is the place to go.

          Other places of interest in that area: Zakkushi (the 4th Ave location) is a Japanese izakaya that specializes in charcoal BBQ'd kushiyaki. Interesting authentic Japanese vibe.

          Up the hill is Vij's and Rangoli which are popular recs for Indian (fusion) food.

          Down towards the beach close to Burrard St Bridge is Octopus' Garden (some of the best sushi in town).

          For steak frites, duck, moules frites - Cafe Salade de Fruits on W7th.

          Those are the places near your condo.

          Post again if you need more recs (eg for downtown, or specific cuisines/dishes, etc.)

          1. re: fmed

            fmed, thanks for the info. I'll check into what you have given me and get back with you if you don't mind. ...kevin25

              1. re: fmed

                hey fmed Fuel looks alot like my style. They have a 6 seat kitchen table? is it private or more like a sit in your kitchen spot? Also is GoFish somewhere you can sit out now? thanks

                1. re: kevin25

                  They have an open kitchen and I think they must be talking about the bar right in front that flanks it....if so, then it isn't private.

                  GoFish: They have a couple of picnic tables so you are kind of dependent on the weather.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Go Fish does take away as well which is a nice option if you are staying near by

                    1. re: islandgirl

                      the take away works well for us. thanks look up Upton Tea Imports search Earl Grey, they have an extra berg earl grey tea that is to die for...

                    2. re: fmed

                      fmed, have you done a" kitchen table" anhywhere?

                      1. re: kevin25

                        I haven't had the pleasure. I'm sure it can be quite interesting....especially at a place like Fuel.

                        1. re: fmed

                          BTW - their famous "Fried Chicken Friday" resumes Feb 27th from what I hear. (Sous-vide then deep-fried organic free range chicken)

                          1. re: fmed

                            I did a kitchen table with a couple other foodie buddies at Trotters in Chicago. It was very cool and something that I won't soon forget. Having Charlie say come over and try a new sauce or what wine do you think would go well with this or that was really unique to me. I thought having Fuel do a couple special things for my wife and me and then a couple more simple items for my boys would be fun. Maybe at lunch early in the week when it may be slower. What do you think about that idea?

                            1. re: kevin25

                              I think it is brilliant! It will make it all more memorable.

                      2. re: kevin25

                        Go Fish is really good and very well priced. You may have to wait a while at lunch on a busy day, expecially weekends, but it is well worth it. The scallop burger is fantastic. Enjoy!

                        1. re: maybesparrow

                          can you eat outside this time of year?

                          1. re: kevin25

                            I've eaten outside at Go Fish in December when it was 2°C. It just depends on how tough you are. The weather is getting better here. 10°C and sunny today. Would be quite nice to sit outside at Go Fish.

                            1. re: peter.v

                              I suggest take them 15 minutes out of town to Pajo's in Steveston. Kids always like the atmosphere there and the fish and chips are really really good.


                              1. re: peter.v

                                I ate outside at Go Fish today. It was lovely. Just make sure to sit in the sun :)

                                1. re: twinkienic

                                  great, hope you had a great meal....

              2. Try one of the two Fish Cafe locations.