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Feb 15, 2009 02:49 PM

Kouign Amman ( KA) a fantastic breakfast item? Where best?

Friends are saying that at the Vendome hotel in Paris they have a very excellent item: KA. Is this available several places in Paris? Where are the best ones?

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  1. Spend a lot of time in Bretagne, where easy to find a great one. Only one l have found in Paris, l really love is at L'Autre Boulanger at 43, Rue de Montreuil, 75011. He sells a bulk one by the kilo, which is ok, but makes small individual ones on special order that are the bomb. If you find any other great ones in Paris, and l have looked, please let me know.

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      Ditto. Some restaurants and bakeries do something they call like that but it's just a puff brioche (Le Grenier à Pain has a great one, "brioche feuilletée"). But genuine Kouign Amann is hard to find in Paris -- actually, I am not aware of any really good one.