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Who has the best Scones?

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I always crave the La Brea Bakery Maple Pecan Scone and occasionaly Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a decent Blueberry Scone. The whole Foods in Torrance had a good Cranberry Scone last time I visited. I would love to find a decent Scone in the South Bay. Not the fried donut shop variety or one with heavy glaze. Since the La Brea Bakery Cafe in Redondo Beach closed down I have been searching with no luck. Anyting else worth a try? Preferably in the South Bay but I don't mind driving a bit. Thanks.

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  1. Clementine in Century City.

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      I second Clementine's (and Campanile on Sunday, I believe) although the two kinds she offers are not my favorite: strawberry and apricot ginger. Finding a good scone, let alone a great one, in L.A. is akin to locating WMD's.

      1. re: cvc

        LA's a big, chaotic place -- you probably just haven't been looking long enough or in the right places. Maybe you should try the scones at Ammo (1155 North Highland Ave., (323) 871-2666). (Politics aside, the scones at Ammo are seriously good.)

        1. re: David Kahn

          I will gladly and any others you suggest if I haven't. I love Ammo and do know that she provides very good baked goods especially those chocolate chip cookies. But I've tried a lot of scones let me tell you. You're talking to someone who drives from Santa Monica to Pasadena for a piece of banana cream pie.

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            Where in Pasadena do you get that banana cream pie?
            (pie n burger?)

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              Has anyone tried the banana cream pie at Clementine? I look longingly at it every time I eat there but it is hard to justify at lunch (although yesterday I did spring for a macaroon with chocolate chips - very nice). That banana cream pie looks so tantalizing.

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                According to a recent recipe request from the LAT, the banana cream pie at Clementine has 435 calories and 25 grams of fat.

                So, it ain't healthy but as desserts go, it is about average. In fact, based on the recipe which uses milk instead of cream, it is probably lower in fat then many other versions.

    2. well - the two places that i know of are far from the south bay... but i really like the currant scones at some crust in claremont and any of the scones at europane in pasadena. i can't wait to see other recommendations, though!

      1. The scones at the Rockenwagner booth at the Santa Monica farmers market on Weds (not sure if they are there Sat?) are quite wonderful. I believe they have both the "lumpy, rounded" type and the "smooth, triangular" type. I'm a fan of the former and I get the currant, ginger, and/or seven-grain scones. I don't pay too much attention to the triangles, but think they are most fruit scones.

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          I know you're looking for a place to buy scones, but I've done some extensive research and concluded that there is NO good purchased scone in Los Angeles.
          Other than one place in Montana, I've never enjoyed a purchased scone--La Brea Bakery, Clementine, Rockenwagner--enough to merit a repeat buy.
          The good news is, scones are super simple to make. What do you like? I've been on a scone quest for the past three years, though, and have three basic varieties now: cream scones, made with little butter--very delicate and rich; biscuity scones, crisp on the outside, short and buttery; and cakey scones, made with an egg.
          From these basic recipes, I make about fifteen or twenty variations.
          I can post recipes tomorrow if you like.

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            it's true - homemade scones are a completely different animal. if you're looking for good, plain scones to split and eat with whipped cream and strawberry preserves, i'd go for a basic cream scone. i don't have my recipe handy, but this one looks kind of like it from what i remember (except mine didn't use self-rising flour):

            PLAIN SCONES

            8oz (225g) self raising flour
            ½ (2.5ml)teaspoon salt
            2oz (50g) butter
            ¼ (150ml) fresh milk
            Extra milk for brushing
            Butter, fresh cream and jam to serve

            * Sift flour and salt into a bowl.
            * Rub the butter into flour until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs
            * Add milk all at once. Mix to a soft, but not sticky dough with a knife.
            * Turn on to a lightly floured work surface.
            * Knead quickly until smooth.
            * Roll out to about (½ inch) 1cm thick.
            * Cut into 7 or 8 rounds with a 2½ inch (6.5cm) biscuit cutter.
            * Transfer to a greased baking sheet. Brush tops with milk.
            * Bake at gas mark 8 230oC (450oF) for 7-10 minutes or until well risen and golden.
            * Cool on a wire cooling rack.
            * Serve with whipped butter or whipped cream and jam.

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              Well I am not much of a baker but I will give it a try.
              Thanks for the response.

            2. I normally am not a fan of scones, but I love the scones at Susina (formerly Sugar Plum) on Beverly just west of La Brea. Huckleberry, Apricot Ginger and Chocolate Cherry are a few of the varieties.

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              1. Although I have to admit their cakes and pastries have taken a dive... I still think the best scones in LA are from Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose in WeHo.

                1. In the south bay the ones from Manhattan Beach Bread co on Sepulveda near Ruben's Fish Tacos are not world class but better than anything at the Coffee bean and far better than anything at Starbucks who must have their pastries baked in India and sent by boat.

                  1. I think I've had scones at most places--I think the ones at Rose Cafe in Venice are the best. They are sort of crispy on the outside and softer/creamier on the inside. Simple flavors--nothing to fancy.

                    1. I will preface this by saying that I don't like scones all that much usually and that I've never actually been to the Bouchon in Beverly Hills BUT the scones at the Bouchon Bakery in Yountville more than occasionally haunt my food fantasies. Seriously delicious. The texture is perfect and the taste is oh so decadent. Never in a million years would have thought a scone could taste so good. Been meaning to make my way to Beverly Hills to try the scones there for awhile but haven't yet made the drive.

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                        I realize this post is very old, but I just have to say... bacon scone at the Pie Hole. Everything I never thought a scone could be. And while you're at it, Snack Pie and Chocolate Crostata. Best breakfast ever.

                        1. re: heinous

                          I hesitate to respond to a nine and half year old posting, but a while back I got some peruvian food at Lonzo's Bread Company in Culver City. It's more of a bakery (I understand the baker is a chap from Mexico who trained in France) that also serves some Peruvian food (I think his wife is from Peru).
                          I bought a few scones on a whim and thought they were pretty good. http://www.lonzosbreadco.com/ I would call before I went because it's a small place and I think when they are close to running out of baked goods, etc. they shut down for the day. The wife told me at the time they close down around 5:30 pm. The topic of Lonzo's came up previously on this thread looking for a substitute for Porto's on the west side. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/901196