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Help me with knife storage please

I have purchased several Shun Kaji knives. (Although not relevant to this specific question, I really love them so far.)

Anyhow, I'd like to store them by putting blade guards on them and then storing in a roll, but beyond that I'm clueless. Where should I buy the blade guards (and is this the type of item where specific recommendations are required)? Also, where should I buy the knife roll?

If it matters, I have the serrated bread knife, a 4.5 inch paring knife, a 6 inch chef knife, and a 7 in santoku.

Thanks so much!

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  1. A knife roll is mostly used for travel. If you are using these knives at home, I could imagine it would be pretty annoying to unroll a cloth bag every time I wanted to cut something... sometimes as simple as a lime. You can get knife blocks that fit in a drawer if you're trying to eliminate a counter top block or something similar.

    If you decide to go through with this, I've found Google to be an amazing source of information. Try searching: "knife roll" and you should get oh, maybe 4 or 5... hundred thousand reults; you can shop from there.

    1. you can get knife guards at sur le table or just about any kitchen store. A better option if you have a small drawer that you can use would be an in-drawer knife holder if you don't want to clutter your counter with a block. A metal strip is another option. A roll really is mostly for traveling

      1. There is also the option of magnetic knife racks that you screw to the wall. I have no experience with them, but have read that some shun users have complained about knives chipping and have narrowed it down to the mag strips. Investigate further before you try them. Shun will sharpen them for free, but it would still be a hassle.

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          I found this while looking for stuff for my brother. haven't got my hands on one though.

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            Thank you for that site. Very nice. I noticed that Lee Valley is one of their distributors (I am Canadian) Put in an order today for 2 of them.

            Again...thank you

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              I just replaced my 30 year old magnetic knife rack with a new one from Lee Valley. This one appears to be a solid block of cherry wood but is embedded with really powerful magnets. The wood surface keeps the knives from being chipped or damaged and the magnets are strong enough to hang my dog up by his collar.

              Kidding about the dog. He's too big. Maybe a small one, though...

        2. I assume from your name you're in NYC? You have an excellent resource in Korin (57 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007 (bet. W Broadway & Church St.)).

          You can also go into any Sur La Table or or a restaurant supply store. The latter is going to be a lot cheaper and probably just as good (if not better).

          1. No advice on the knife roll - for the past year, i've kept my Shuns in the wooden case they came it, and it was pretty inconvenient; I can only imagine that a knife roll would be even more so. I finally broke down and got one of the Kapoosh knife blocks with the rods that allow you to put the knives anywhere, and it's worked well so far for my Shuns (and misc other knives).

            1. At the moment, my global is in the box I got it in (cardboard!) I was eyeing one of the magnetic racks too. It'd be just as good if I got some kind of sheath.

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                you can get plastic sheaths at sur le table and other kitchen stores, I think they're made by messermeister and come in different sizes.

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                  Are they quite thick ones, or floppy?

              2. For normal travel I've found that a piece of thin, folded cardboard (taped to keep it closed) is the best, cheapest options for knife travel. Again, unless you're a professional chef who travels constantly, the knife guards and roll bag are often unnecessary.

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                  i'd agree with you but if the poster wants to take the knives in and out of the holder on a regular basis, cardboard might not hold up after a while

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                    The only reason that the knives would be in and out of a holder would be to take them in and out of a knife roll. For home use, that's just not practical. You can do it, but why? It's kind of like leaving your dresser drawers empty but keeping all your clothes in a suitcase. Given the fact that the original poster's name is "Manhattan Lawyer" leads me to believe that he/she is not a traveling chef.

                    Just my take on the subject though, until we actually get a response to some of these posts from the lawyer themself, we are merely speculating. Funny how people ask one question but never follow up to clarify or offer feedback...

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                      Holy samurai swords, Batman! Never heard of Shun knives before this post but man, I want one now. Wish I could afford the Shun Elite 8" chef's knife.

                      I have never even heard of blade sheaths or rolls but just had to publicly drool.

                      FWIW, my knife collection consists of one chef's knife that lives on my drying rack (I use it far too often to keep taking it out of a drawer, and I don't have counter space for a block), plus a few utility/paring knives that I throw in my cutlery drawer unprotected because they were cheap and frankly not very good. If I had a Shun, you can bet I'd be a lot more careful about how I treat that!

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                        Yeah, if I ever get a santoku, I'd certainly consider shun. I've heard great things about the blades, bad things about the fit (of the handle), and they come "right handed" because of the D shaped handle - although many lefties claim that they prefer it backwards anyway.

                        It is a little concerning in a way that they seem to be experiencing this surge in popularity; the same thing happened to Nenox iirc, and they're twice the price they used to be. Tojiros also have increased somewhat in price.

                2. Anyhow, I'd like to store them by putting blade guards on them and then storing in a roll, but beyond that I'm clueless. Where should I buy the blade guards (and is this the type of item where specific recommendations are required)? Also, where should I buy the knife roll?

                  Look on line for the best price if your set on a knife roll and blade guards.

                  That said... Unless you travel with your knives quite a bit, rarely use them, worry about children getting at them etc. keeping them in a roll is a royal pain in the arse.

                  IMO... knife blocks and drawer racks are a good choice, remember to store you knives edge up when using these types of storage options, reduces the ware (edges sliding on wood when you remove or return a blade to it's slot (okay I'm anal about my knives).

                  For my money a magnetic or slotted knife bar is by far the better option. I have a slotted knife bar for the larger blades, and use a knife block for the shorter knives. Just my 2¢

                  1. I am a firm believer in knife blocks for Shun knives. I refuse to give up a drawer to knife storage, but that would be my second choice if I did. Magnetic strips are not perfect solutions because they can chip delicate blades, and I couldn't imagine preparing a meal an needing to unroll something to pull a knife or two in the middle of preparation.

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                      Ah the magnetic strip problem. We had a thread about that, but we didn't find anything conclusive.

                      I imagine a very thin drawer with exact knife shapes cut out of the foam. That would be epic.

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                        Custom knife holders specifically molded to fit any size drawer sounds like a pretty good idea. Maybe we should patent it

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                          Williams Sonoma has these knife holders that are meant to be placed in drawers. A shallow drawer would be most efficient.

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                          The new magnetic knife strip I just bought looks like a solid block of cherry wood. The magnets are inside, somewhere, but they're so powerful that they pull right through the wood. Really beautiful and very very strong. No chipping because there's no metal showing at all.

                        3. All Shun knives come boxed with cardboard blade sleeve protectors that totally envelope the blades.

                          Have you thought about getting one of those nice Cowboy/Trucker belts with the big Buick hubcap belt buckle? You could staple the four cardboard Shun sleeves to the inside of the belt, two on either side of the belt buckle.

                          This way you could attractively display the new Shuns, especially if you wore the rig on the outside of your flannel shirt.

                          My guess is that you’ll be the hit of your next posh party because you’ll be able to cut the cake or the cheese, with equal aplomb.