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Feb 15, 2009 02:05 PM

Sanchez Mexican Market, Providence RI

If you like inexpensive, legit Mexican food I can highly recommend Sanchez Mexican Market. It's on Atwells Avenue (I believe Academy is the cross street).

As you walk in it appears to be nothing more than a Mexican market, but in the back corner of the store there are two or 3 tables and a counter to place an order. The taco's were excellent, the tamale was excellent, and the burrito was very good as well. I believe we got 3 tacos, a tamale and a good sized burrito for $11. Good food, great prices, and an interesting, low key spot to eat.

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  1. Forgot to mention...Pozole (pork & hominey soup/stew) was also on the menu. We didn't order it, but it certainly looked great.

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      It sounds like they expanded what they sell a bit. Haven't eaten here yet because I wasn't interested in what they had last time we went. We went down the street yo La Poblanita (and yes, the cross street is Academy) and had tacos there...never again! Not sure why, but I just didn't like them at all.