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Feb 15, 2009 01:45 PM

Restaurant Week - Lunch Recommendation?

I may find myself in DC next weekend during restaurant week and would like to take my wife somewhere nice for lunch, at a well-regarded foodie/insider's spot. Can anyone offer guidance using the list of restaurants that are participating in the restaurant week promo as a starting point? Here is the list:

Some good-value solo dinner recommendations (I prefer to sit at the bar) would be appreciated.
I will be around Union Station at that point.


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  1. My husband and I have just decided to go to Charlie Palmer's Steak for lunch tomorrow, since we both have the day off. I've heard great things and can report back...
    We are also going to Bistro Bis (French) for lunch next weekend. Bistro Bis is great and consistent. Both restaurants are only a few blocks from Union Station.

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      I second the recommendation for Bistro Bis. IMO it's the best around Union Station.

      Also, you could take a short metro ride to Gallery Place/Chinatown and go to PS7s. They maintain an excellent menu and service during restaurant week.

      1. re: joann.hill12

        These are both good recommendations. I'm also hoping to check out Charlie Palmer's for lunch this week.

        Bistro Bis is great during RW. I have dined at their bar a number of times by myself and have found the bartenders both friendly and attentive.

        Another restaurant you might want to consider for lunch with your wife is PS7. They do RW very well and they are currently one of my favorite restaurants in DC for both service and a creative menu.

      2. I recommend you go to Open Table and plug in the day and time you want to take your wife to lunch. See what is available. RW is very popular and many of our most enthusiastic recs for lunch are likely to be booked already. The lunch recs you've received so far are all excellent and if one of those names shows availability, I encourage you to pounce on a reservation. For good measure, I'll throw in a few more recommendations:
        Black Salt
        The Oval Room
        Bistro d'Oc (not on Open Table/phone call necessary)

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          I agree with this, and I'd also throw in Ten Penh.

        2. Thought I'd report back on our lunch at Charlie Palmer's. It was great!
          Each course offered three choices. We tend to like the same things and this time was no different...we ordered the exact same things for all three courses...sorry for the lack of variety! For the app, we had the Rappahannock clam chowder, which was creamy and smoky. Very good. For our main entree, we chose the roasted angus sirloin, which was served with a spinach puree and braised veal ravioli. Again, delicious! We also ordered a side of fries served w/chipotle aioli (delicious) and wild mushrooms (good, not great).
          And for dessert, and this trumped everything else, the chocolate peanut butter terrine. I swear, it was one of the best desserts I've ever had, and I am quite the chocolate aficionado. We raved about the dessert to our server and he surprised us by sending us home with a complimentary terrine!! Just what my waistline needs :-)
          They have a great wine list and we enjoyed some great reds by the glass: a Zin, Sangiovese, and a Cab blend.
          Because of the holiday, the restaurant was very busy for lunch. We never felt rushed, in fact, we enjoyed a 2 hour lunch, and the service was great.
          If you can get a reservation, I would definitely recommend CP.