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Feb 15, 2009 01:39 PM

Provincetown for Foodies?

Hi--I'm hoping hounds can help me create a list of the best places in P-town for fooodies. What are the best fine dining restaurants? Best ice cream? Pizza? Breakfast places? Cocktails? Wine list? etc. etc. Any help in creating this list for foodies visiting P-town much appreciated!

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  1. When are you going? The timing makes a big difference.

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    1. re: BostonZest

      need as much info as possible--summer, winter, any season is good. thanks!

    2. For variety and consistently great quality Front Street is hard to beat, year in and year out. The tea-smoked duck is awesome, but many seafood and Italian temptations as well.

      I have not found any exceptional ice cream or pizza over the years in Provincetown, sadly. Spiritus Pizza is popular for late night crowd in the summer, but their attitude and inconsistency is not for everyone.

      Don't miss the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery, the rabenadas and malasadas are wonderful. Great for casual, snacking type breakfasts. Some like Cafe Edwige for brunch.

      Provincetown has a lot of enjoyable food, fresh seafood of course, but little that is truly exceptional.

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      1. re: Dan D

        Not sure you can paint that broadly dan, I agree with front st for food and atmosphere but there are other great restos. I really like Devons for both bkfst and dinner and we like the Mews, upstairs. When in town we always eat at Fanizzi's at least once for consistent food and views. The red inn is usually mentioned in positive tones but is not one of my favorites. The Gelato place is consistent and good and we get some great baked goods at Angel foods and the small market on Bradford (name escapes me). Summer is crowded everywhere and I don't think P town offers her best when busy. We go in June or the fall and always have reservations. We had a great birthday dinner at Jimmy's hideaway this fall but I understand there was a chef change at our visit so not a real look at the food......

        1. re: jspear

          We adore Devon's (cornmeal Blueberry pancakes are perfection) but it's not open this time of year.

          We have to get back to Front Street this year. But, it will have to be on a rainy night. Somehow I want outside or ocean view when I have my precious time in Provincetown.

          Is Far Lands Provisions the Bradford street market you are trying to remember-- corner of Cornwell.?

          We go out in September when the water is warm and the masses have left.

          We also enjoyed Victors this year.

          1. re: BostonZest

            Far lands provisions is exactly what we I was trying to pull out of this aging brain. When does Devon's open?? Where is Victor's?? I am also a fall visitor, too many people takes away from my PTown experience, not as much fun as when I was younger I'm afraid....

            1. re: jspear

              Victor's is at 175 Bradford St. I don't know if they are open year round. Here's the site.


              Devon's is May-October.

              1. re: BostonZest

                Looks like a great place to try......

                1. re: jspear

                  We loved Victor's when we were there last June...yummy.