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Feb 15, 2009 01:13 PM

Grits at Billie's Black

A new friend recently told me she liked grits, so I took her up to Billie's Black for some soul.

The grits was all white and porridge-like, not at all creamy like we've had on separate trips to the South. In fact, she likened the grits to お粥 (Japanese congee), which should give you some idea of the texture. She liked it, but I found it less than fulfilling.

Some hounds of remarked that the service at Billie's was slow, but that wasn't the case at at all. Certainly, the atmosphere was mellow, not the hustle and bustle of Amy Ruth's where potential patrons camped out staking their claim to a seat.

Like other hounds, there's obviously more to Billie's after the sun goes down. The setup hints at a busier establishment, probably more bumpin' too.

Nevertheless, for this particular brunch of grits, I give Billie's two sideways thumbs.

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  1. As a Southerner, I love grits, but I rarely eat them at a restaurant because they're so easy to make. That being said, I really liked the grits I had at Mesa Grill, which is the only restaurant in NY where I've ever had them. They were rich, creamy, and satisfying like I think you were looking for.