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Feb 15, 2009 12:52 PM

Granite City's Baked Reggiano Hash Browns

I live in West Des Moines, and love to go to Granite City's Sunday brunches for their Baked Reggiano Hash Browns. I can't for the life of me seem to find a recipe for these to make at home, though! Can anyone help me?

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  1. I googled this item, but can't seem to find any recipes for it. I did, however, find other diners who said this dish at Granite City was great. Can you give me some idea what else could be in it - cream, herbs, spices, etc.? And, do they use the standard type grated hash browns that you can buy frozen?

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      Probably Reggiano as in Parmesano.....

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        Pretty sure cream is in them... I don't know any of the spices.

        1. re: todao

          That's fried. What I'm looking for is baked. thanks, though!

        2. I asked the last time I was there. They use frozen hash browns, CHICKEN STOCK!!! and and cheese. I'd bet they're using both cream cheese and Parm. The cream cheese is a common ingredient for restaurants - it won't curdle when keeping it warm for a long time. I didn't get the exact recipe. We're going there today, I'll try again.

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            We went to Granite City on Easter Sunday the waitress said there is Monterrey Jack cheese in them. Hope it helps. They are divine. When I go back again I will snoop around for more answers! LOL! Let you know more.