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Where can I buy parchment paper downtown?

In the major grocery stores all they have is wax paper - anybody know where I can but parchment?

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  1. Williams & Sonoma has it though I am sure it can be had for cheaper elsewhere.

    1. I can usually find No-Name brand parchment at Loblaws. Perhaps you can try Queen's Quay or Valu-Mart in Manulife centre?

      1. I always buy parchment paper at the major grocery stores -- I've never NOT been able to find it. You should check in the baking aisle, or ask a clerk.

        1. I agree with cecilia and TorontoJo - Every major grocery store has it. Loblaws, Valu-Mart, No Frills, Rabba's, etc etc.

          Forgo Williams & Sonoma, as decadent as it is, what's the point?

          1. Costco has it in the Zip lock, alum foil aisle

            1. I buy mine at The Big Carrot on the Danforth. You'll find it on a shelf pretty much right across from the ice cream and cold treats freezer.

              1. PS - I use it all the time when baking stuff. It saves a ton of effort when doing the dishes!

                1. I usually buy the No-Name brand at No Frills. Most supermarkets carry only one or two brands and they don't really stand out amongst the other products.

                  Good luck!


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                    Even Dollarama sells Parchment paper. Precut squares (I think 10 shees/ $1).

                  2. I get mine at Loblaws on Queens Quay, or at Food Basics at wellesley just over from sherbourne.

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                      Thanks everybody - I must be blind but I swear I never see it on sale.