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Feb 15, 2009 12:31 PM

Please rate restaurants for me and give suggestions!

I am heading to Austin this weekend and am stying at Barton Creek Resort and am wondering about various restaurants. I am more interested in really good food and don't care about atmosphere. I do not want to try and chain restaurant even if it's said to be good. The more local the better for me. That being said please tell me about the following:

Uchi (love sashimi, but want really fresh fish, is this the right place)?
Maria's Xpress Tacos
Fonda San Miguel

Any other suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Uchi (love sashimi, but want really fresh fish, is this the right place)?
      --you mean, seafood entrees? or sashimi.
      if you mean sashimi, then absolutely.
      if you are looking for an entree of fish, then the answer is maybe.
      they usually have some seafood entrees on their nightly menu.

      tonight, they have "hawaiian moonfish loin٠serrano peppers٠watercress٠barley٠golden beets", "japanese winter yellowtail٠tarragon vinaigrette٠walnuts٠ruby red grapefruit٠olive oil ", "pink grouper٠ginger٠garlic٠brown butter٠brussels sprouts", "maine lobster٠charred cilantro٠thai chili٠uni٠kikurage" and "grilled moonfish toro٠roasted tomatoes٠tamarind٠verjus٠shiso".
      that being said, it is a really great restaurant; it just focuses more on sushi rolls and tastings.

      vespaio and enoteca vespaio gets really high praise on this board.
      jeffrey's has been on my wish-list so i can't comment yet.

      never been to fonda san miguel but i hear the brunch is the best part.
      there has been some griping on the board about a decline in quality, though.
      maybe someone else can chime in.

      1. Uchi is a superlative restaurant, for food, innovativeness, and service. Note that it is best for a succession of dishes to be shared, not really an appetizer, entree, dessert kind of place. If possible, go early so you can take advantage of their happy hour special-priced items.

        Can't tell where you're from, but as long as you eat meat it would be a shame not to have some BBQ. If you have part of a day, head down to Lockhart (a bit more than a halfhour south of downtown) and hit Black's, Smitty's, and Kreiz's, and maybe even City Market in Luling. Well worth the drive. In Austin, the best Q is at Sam's, just east of downtown, though you'll probably want to take out -- it is really a divy shack but the brisket and ribs are great and they have mutton.

        1. Uchi (love sashimi, but want really fresh fish, is this the right place)?
          Yes. Go. You will not be disappointed.

          I actually prefer the more casual Enotecca next door, but both are great. If you go to Enotecca, get the suppli.

          Never been

          Maria's Xpress Tacos
          It is okay, but nothing special. There are better tacos to be had (Habenero cafe, Juan in a Million)

          Fonda San Miguel
          Last time I ate here it was not very good.

          I would recommend considering Hudson'd On the Bend. It and Uchi are my two favorite upscale places in Austin. Lots of people also recommend Parkside, but I have not been.



          1. Thank you all for your replies! Ate at Vespaio last night and it was very good! We're going to try Uchi since sashimi is what I'm looking for and Eddie V's! Thanks again for all the imput!