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Feb 15, 2009 12:25 PM

Anybody been to the Crush festival in Tucson?

We're thinking about coming to Tucson for the Crush wine festival the first weekend of April. Has anybody been to it? Any comments? I can't seem to find much info about the specifics like what wineries will be there.

As long as I'm asking, there's also a Taste of Tubac thing going on that same weekend. Is that worthwhile?


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  1. Not been to Crush, although I am on the mailing lists for a few of the southern AZ wineries, and most made mention of their appearance. Dos Cabezas, Canelo Hills, etc. If you do go, I would appreciate a report back. Although, frankly, the wine region isn't so far from Tucson to make a day trip unreasonable -- so why not visit the wineries and talk to the vintners themselves at your leisure, get a feel for the region for yourself?

    Tubac is always a good prospect, in my book. If you do wind up going, there is a wonderful Roman trattoria on the way in/out of town, called Melio's. It has an incredible view of the mountains and they source what they can locally and what they can't, from Italy. I am a fan of their light, crackery-crust pizzas and their expertly-pulled espressos.

    1. We went to the Friday night of the first Crush last spring. It was really fun! Some of the town's best restaurants prepare tastings, and you get a Reidel glass to use for the wine tasting--and keep. This year there will be more wines to taste, about 190 from all over including Stags' Leap, Trefethen Estates and Far Niente. It seems like a good deal for $60, especially because you can sample as much as you want of both food and wine--unless they run out. Also, Tucson's weather is really good in early April, important because Crush is held outdoors. We're going again this year.

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        Well, we decided to go also! Where did you find the list of wineries? I have not been able to get too much info on the website and apparently tickets are not on sale yet.

        Is this a casual affair or do people dress up? Thanks for the feedback! See you there!

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          Tickets are on sale online now, and lists of wineries are posted: