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Anybody been to the Crush festival in Tucson?

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We're thinking about coming to Tucson for the Crush wine festival the first weekend of April. Has anybody been to it? Any comments? I can't seem to find much info about the specifics like what wineries will be there.

As long as I'm asking, there's also a Taste of Tubac thing going on that same weekend. Is that worthwhile?


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  1. Not been to Crush, although I am on the mailing lists for a few of the southern AZ wineries, and most made mention of their appearance. Dos Cabezas, Canelo Hills, etc. If you do go, I would appreciate a report back. Although, frankly, the wine region isn't so far from Tucson to make a day trip unreasonable -- so why not visit the wineries and talk to the vintners themselves at your leisure, get a feel for the region for yourself?

    Tubac is always a good prospect, in my book. If you do wind up going, there is a wonderful Roman trattoria on the way in/out of town, called Melio's. It has an incredible view of the mountains and they source what they can locally and what they can't, from Italy. I am a fan of their light, crackery-crust pizzas and their expertly-pulled espressos.

    1. We went to the Friday night of the first Crush last spring. It was really fun! Some of the town's best restaurants prepare tastings, and you get a Reidel glass to use for the wine tasting--and keep. This year there will be more wines to taste, about 190 from all over including Stags' Leap, Trefethen Estates and Far Niente. It seems like a good deal for $60, especially because you can sample as much as you want of both food and wine--unless they run out. Also, Tucson's weather is really good in early April, important because Crush is held outdoors. We're going again this year.

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        Well, we decided to go also! Where did you find the list of wineries? I have not been able to get too much info on the website and apparently tickets are not on sale yet.

        Is this a casual affair or do people dress up? Thanks for the feedback! See you there!

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          Tickets are on sale online now, and lists of wineries are posted: