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Feb 15, 2009 12:10 PM

5 Towns grocery pizza

With the supermarket pizza price wars inthe 5 towns, who has better tasting pizza - Gourmet Glatt ( Chap-a-nosh), Brachs, or Kosher Kingdom?

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  1. Only one we had so far was the Chap a nosh spinach. very good id put it with any pizza store except Dovid's

    1. I bought the Chap-a-Nosh regular cheese pizza and my kids loved it. They are very particular-they'll only eat Dave's Pizza. The crust was soft and tasty ad the sauce and cheese looked very fresh. I was shocked that the whole Chap-a-Nosh pie was gone in two seconds.

      By The Way, I took a close look at the Brach's pie and they use the premade packaged pizza crusts- the ones that look, taste and feel like cardboard. They charge $6.99 a pie- I could throw the same pie together at home and have money (and pizza) left over!