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Feb 15, 2009 11:25 AM

Espresso Machine Repair Shop - Boston Metro?

I just moved in Wellesley (Boston Metro West) and I have a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe espresso machine hose but nothing comes out of the brewing head (I already checked the streamer, which is fine).

Would anyone know of an espresso machine repair shop in the area?

I found Boston King Espresso in Woburn (I'm not sure if they do repairs) but I'm wondering if there isn't something closer.

Thank you very much... my husband is moping about not being able to brew a decent espresso....

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  1. L'espresso the importer for Guglielmo coffee is in Watertown (their number is 617-612-0090). I have had them do some work for me on a professional machine, there were less expensive than the alternatives and they work on the machines of a number of Italian caffes in the area. Not certain how much work they do on consumer machines.

    They are more expensive, but I prefer TC's Repair in Everett and it looks like they have moved to Middleton, MA so its even further for you. They definitely work on consumer machines and any serious espresso repair shop will pick up, but you pay somewhere from $35-50 (some charge to deliver too, some don't).

    I believe that Expresso Express in Belmont does repair for their clients, I don't have any experience with them. There are some other importers which do work, but some of them have closed in recent years. A local cafe could point you somewhere (Barismo in Arlington could sell you something to use in the interim and point you to someone if you want...)

    I don't know much about consumer repair places (there was a cusinart repair service in newton highlands and other electronics in westwood, but the former closed), but either Gaggia or some consumer forum could probably help you. And if you are handy, people on various forums can offer help....

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    1. re: itaunas

      Great. Thanks a lot, I'll call them Tuesday and find out who'll be able to help me out.

      1. re: orchidea

        orchidea, let me know who you go with and what your impressions are. I have a machine that needs repair as well. Thanks!

      2. re: itaunas

        Gaggia's are pretty easy to fix. Before taking it to a shop, open the top and see if anything is loose.

        Also, it might just need a good cleaning/de-scaling or a new head gasket.

      3. Here are the results up to now:
        Expresso Express in Belmont only repairs commercial machines.
        Espresso in Watertown only repairs commercial machines. However the receptionist kept my information, a technician should be calling me back.
        TC Repairs is indeed far....
        Still looking...

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        1. re: orchidea

          have you had any luck since last year finding an espresso repair shop in Boston area? My Baby Gaggia (3 yrs old) has issues with the steam button being stuck and preventing the water from flowing through except as steam.

          1. re: mirmidon

            Have you been in touch with the company? Perhaps they have a suggestion.

            1. re: mirmidon

              I don't have a Gaggia, but I have used TC's since this thread. Their rates have gone up and some changes from Everett, but I recognized the shop technician and their work was fine. They seemed to be working largely on consumer espresso machines (along with other commercial coffee systems, but less commercial espresso). Its North of Danver's so not right near the city and call before taking it so they can explain the minimum shop charge.

            2. re: orchidea

              I recently had my Rancilio home expresso machine repaired at Espresso Plus in Medford:

              The work was fine and prompt, not cheap though. I don't know if they service Gaggia machines, but they might know who does.

              I used to have a Gaggia, and when I had a problem in 2007, I contacted their US importer and they told me there were no Gaggia service centers in the Boston area. You can check with them yourself here to see if things have changed:
              888-389-4123 ext. 5141

              Otherwise, you might have to mail it to a NY or NJ center...


              P.S. When I decided that my old Gaggia was not worth repairing, I put it out on Craigslist as a broken machine for anyone who wanted it. A surprising number of grad students and others replied who felt they could repair it themselves and thus have a free machine, so you might try asking there if anyone wants to take a stab at yours.