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Apr 12, 2004 11:42 PM

Cafe Hiro = closed???

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I don't if it's closed. Dropped by today on a Monday and it wasn't open, and no sign posted with its hours. Is it just closed on Mondays or closed for good?

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  1. It's closed on Mondays all day - always has been. Was just there on Thursday night, and Hiro is open for business as usual (business is going good, too - there was a lull a few months ago, but it was the typical winter slump that hits the area). I have a reservation for a big group there in a couple weeks, and Hiro would have called me (he has my number) if anything was amiss.

    If it's been a while since you've been there, try the duck breast/risotto special. He's also making a lot of great sashimi appetizers as specials these days - last Thursday he offered three different tuna "tartare" preparations.

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    1. re: Chris G.

      Glad to hear all is well at Hiro. My Houndish folks---frequent patrons---swear by this place, and have been threatening to take GF and I there for many moons; fools that we are for not having accepted these overtures.

      Chris G.--- in addition to what you've already enumerated, any additional menu recs? My Mama-san constanly raves about the uni spaghetti (or is it uni risotto?)...

      1. re: Eric Archer

        hey chris, does he still serve the exceptional kobe beef osso bucco that's some of the greatest stuff ever, and his fire french fries are tasty and spicey. and you're right, i haven't been there in close to a year or so. i imagine he probably started raising prices by now, since his prices are almost a bargain in fine dining terrms.

        1. re: kevin

          Hiro's specials are constantly changing, but his regular menu remains the same (although he's expanded the regular menu from a year ago). The beef osso buco is still there and still great.

          Hiro offers both uni pasta and risotto, as well as a tasty, if slightly salty/fishy mentaiko pasta.

          As far as recommendations go - it's hard to know where to begin. I can honestly say that 95% of what I've had there is great (and I've had just about everything on the menu). Lately, I tend to focus on the specials board and try whatever new offerings Hiro has come up with. The curry is always good, and is the best Japanese-style curry I've had. I really like the sashimi appetizers (a hirame with curry oil, homemade gravlax and various tuna tartares, including one with toro, stand out in my memory). The sauteed duck breast is excellent. The rib eye steak is always great, and I think his carbonara is excellent. I could go on and on with the recommendations, but these are a few things that come immediately to mind.

          Hey Kevin - what's your e-mail address (if you don't mind posting it)? Since you're responsible for me meeting my wife-to-be I'd like to invite you to my wedding rehearsal dinner.

          1. re: Chris G.

            i definitely have to get down there now, if he's serving toro tartare, that really is some of the best stuff on earth.