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Feb 15, 2009 10:52 AM

Elite rocks

I have always loved the "cart" dim sum service and not having dim sum for a long time now, I was in the mood. While searching the board here, it seems that Elite is consistently talked about as having great dim sum, though one orders from a menu. So the three of us hopped in the car from Sherman Oaks this morning. Arrived at the opening time of 9:00 and the first to be sat. In a word, wonderful. Everything was so fresh looking and tasting. Probably the best dim sum I have ever had. Only negative would be some ordered items didn't arrive and one ordered item was wrong. No big deal, though. Can't wait to return to work my way through the menu.

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  1. not sure if you tried macau pork...if not...try them next time. one of my favorite there!

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    1. re: rickym13

      We did not try the macau pork. Perhaps next time we will. How is this dish prepared?

      1. re: xoxohh

        Basically, it's roast pork belly presented in little thin rectangular pieces. More refined in terms of presentation.

        Elite has a certain kick in their roasts. Try the roast duck as well. They do serve that during dim sum. Next time you visit, I want you to savor duck fat delicately sandwiched between the duck meat with the crunchy duck burgundy roasted skin.

        If you care, return for peking duck during dinner.

    2. i think some of their best dim sum is the bun stuff. Did u try the snow bubble and the golden cream bun? Everyone heads for the macau egg custard but those 2 desserts are pretty awesome.