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Anyone eat kiwi with the skin?

Recently been eating it with the skin on. Wash just before eating and just take a big bite. Any one else do this? I guess the skin is very good for you. Any other edible skins out there that I don't know about?

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  1. Been doing that for years.
    I used to peel (kinda messy), then saw a show where they simply eat it like an apple. At first it seemed weird, taking a bite outta that hairy, fuzzy thing. But then again almost like a peach, right.
    Once you do it, it seems perfectly normal...and less messy!

    Lotsa people refuse to eat the skin of a baked portato - I think its the best part.

    Remember reading about a two-man survey team in early Alaska. They had to be quite independant so captured quite a bit of their food.
    They almost starved to death, and it was at this time, they decided to cook rabbits as the locals did - directly into the fire, no gutting, no skinning. Who woulda thought, edible rabbit skin {;-/)

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      *dated, but since it got dredged up*
      "At first it seemed weird, taking a bite outta that hairy, fuzzy thing" - Another one of those threads that sounds like it's going south...err...I mean double entendre...anyway, as long as it's sweet and juicy, who cares about alittle fuzz

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        Don't potato skins at least offer iron?

        I eat kiwis with the skin, yet can't get around a peach's 5- o'clock shadow. That's the next goal.

      2. It's way easier to eat kiwis this way, altho I do scrub a little of the hair off, first.

        1. When I first read this post, I thought Wow! you must come from a magical background....... I can see where washing the kiwi first would make it less fuzzy and easier to swallow, so I will try it -- it'll save me the trouble of peeling them in the future, not to mention the nutritional benefit. I like kumquat skins raw, the other citrus skins are good candied or cooked in savory dishes. There is lots of flavor in skins of things, much to explore!

          1. Not peeling saves so much! Much less waste, and no slippery little things to shoot out of your hand and onto the floor. I don't eat the hard belly button thing though.

            Just thought if even a few people thought to try it, it was worth posting.

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              I always eat kiwi with the skin as well, and baked potatoes. Now cucumbers are being served with the skins on, which I can tolerate as long as they are thinly sliced, but when they are big slices I don't like that. At least partially skin them.

            2. I always eat my kiwi without peeling it.....that's where all the vitamins are.

              1. Oh I forgot my favorite - pork skin OH boy

                1. Yes! The skin is fuzzy but tastes delicious and that way you don't need to worry about using a spoon. When I was a kid I tried shaving a kiwi, it didn't achieve much though.

                  1. My wife has always done that. I do it too, but not necessarily by choice.

                    1. Sure, sometimes I eat them with the skin. Much less mess when preparing them.

                      The fur doesn't bother me. If anything, it's the sourness that is more off-putting.

                      1. I've never eaten a kiwi with the skin on, but one easy way to eat the fruit is to cut it in half and scoop out the insides with a spoon.

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                          It sort of depends on the type. Some types of kiiwi have enzymes in the skin that digest protein (similar to those found in pineapple) Incidentally this is why if you mix kiwi jiuce with a powdered gelatin product (like Jello) it will not gel. So, with some types of kiwi eating the skins can actually beging to make your gums and palate sore, or even bleed (the enzyme will actually begin to digest you!) In my experiance, the smaller kiwai fruit (usually sold in this country as "kiwi berries") are some of the worst offenders in this respect..

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                            Well, that nicely explains this recipe

                            which calls for marinating squid for 6 hours between kiwi slices to tenderize it!

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                              I cooked some squid last night after marinating it with kiwi slices.
                              (I didn't use the rest of the recipe though; I stir-fried it in black bean sauce.)
                              It was more tender than any squid I've ever had from a restaurant.

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                              YIPES--the snack that eats you back! NASTY!

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                                It probably especially unfortunate that the so called "kiwi berries" are then ones that have this trait worse of all. A regular kiwi is at least big enough not to fit in a person'sm mouth in one bite, so peeling it before you cut it/eat it isn't so odd. Kiwi berries on the other hand are about cherry sized, and who is going to go through the trouble of peeling a cherry? small fruit that need you to peel them are usually considered too much of a hassle (probably part of the reason gooseberries are not so common anymore) and since kiwi berries are minimally hairy to completely smooth, there seems to be no need. I had to learn how to mush the fruit till it was liquid inside bite a tip off suck the mush out and spit the skin (sorta like one eats old style thick skinned grapes).

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                                I just ate my 1st whole kiwi with the skin on. I enjoyed it however my lips and throat are very itchy. Now what can I eat to counteract the effect. Aside from Benydryl, maybe some scratchy pretzels??

                            3. I don't eat the skin of a kiwi. The feathers are too hard to digest.

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                                1. "Ever eat the bark off of a pineapple"?

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                                  1. one of those little surprises in life:) more time for big things!! :)

                                    1. Yes, from time to time--though usually I peel them.

                                      1. Gods, no- the insides are so good and the outside is gross. If it's the non-furry variety, all bets are off. I much prefer fruit with the skin intact if it's edible. But your garden variety kiwi skin, no.