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Feb 15, 2009 09:19 AM

Kansas City - best "burnt ends"

Ok first I have to admit, I don't know much about burnt ends. After watching the food network and the Ace of Cakes dude saying - "The best thing he ever ate was - """burnt ends on bun""" from Gates BBQ - it got my attention. But which Gates is the original?

But the big questions:

---- Where are the best burnt ends in KC? (not just gates - anywhere!)
---- Are they served everyday? (I'm only there next Friday)

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  1. I'd guess that the Gates at 12th & Brooklyn is probably the oldest existing location, although I don't think the food varies in quality from one location to the other. The original, in the Jazz District at 19th & Vine closed many years ago.
    Although I'm not a burnt ends expert, I'd think LC's would be the best, authentic KC variety.
    Be suspicious of Jack Stack and the hype it receives, people tend to patronize them for their "safe" locations more than for the authenticity of the Q. It's certainly edible but it isn't what put KC on the map. Arthur Bryant's used to give away the burnt ends as you placed your order and is still making decent Q at 18th & Brooklyn. To understand KC Q and real Q in general, you need to read Calvin Trillin and his search for authentic food in "Alice, Let's Eat".

    1. I will also be in KC next Friday. I will drive down in the afternoon, and as always will drive straight to LC's for Burnt Ends, which I will then take with me to my hotel.
      I may stop back before leaving Sunday, and bring a couple pounds home.

      1. The best burnt ends, and the original ones(first to list on a menu) is Arthur Bryant's. they are more than just charred shreds, but rather meaty and crusted with AB's dry seasoning and the deep caramelization that the long cook produces. mmm; just writing about them makes me want to be there now.

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          1. There are countless threads on this topic. Here is a link to an older thread you might find helpful.

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              my husband is particularly fond of Big T's burnt ends - they have a lunch special that he never misses. not sure of the day. give them a call.

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                Just got a recommendation for Woodyards for the burnt end sandwich, anyone else tried this?

            2. I am not a big fan of burnt ends but the best one's I've had , which was by suprise at a work function, were from Smoke Box BBQ in the Northland. There's actually a location right off I-29 & Tiffany Springs Pkwy on the east side of the highway, if you're traveling to KCI.