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Feb 15, 2009 09:15 AM

Great Goulash in NYC?

Been craving beef goulash lately...any great places besides Mocha (Been there, done that) or Wallse (delicious, but goulash shouldnt cost $30!!!)


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  1. The Hungarian butcher shop on 81/2nd sells many varieties TO GO.

    1. Several goulashes on the menu at the Ukrainian restaurant on First Avenue. Inexpensive, don't expect the vegetable options to be fancy, but the meats are always slow-cooked and good.

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        I've had those and also the goulash at Stage Restaurant, the lunch counter right next to the Orpheum Theater where STOMP! plays. They're OK and a fair value, but don't have a Hungarian taste.

        Btw, don't you mean the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant in the Ukrainian National Home on _2nd_ Av.? If not, which restaurant were you thinking of?

      2. The off-the-menu goulash at Employee's Only is more American-style than a classic gulyásleves, but it is one of the best dishes on a very successful menu.