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Feb 15, 2009 08:35 AM

Valentine's Day dinner at Arterra, Del Mar

My first meal there and it was one bad one.

First an unispired combo of fried oysters on bread and half shell oysters. I start to hate all those sliders. Way too much bread, too little inspiration. The raw ones had a decent one and one that tasted like dirty sand and algaes.

2nd was a scallop that not only was basic it was sloshing in a very salty broth.

3rd a chicken cooked "sous vide", and of course was cooked as such since everyone seems to do it, yet it's the same boiled chicken. But wait, it was infused with black truffles so it has to be good. Except the truffles were semi dry, the cooking did not provide enough heat and they were like slices of dry fruit, to the point that it stunk up the dish. Left 95% untouched.

The dessert was good, obviously a dedicated chef for those dishes.

All in all, a miserable dinner, the only upside was the MV Krug for $180 which was just about the only wine there not overpriced.

Not going back.

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  1. Thanks fr directing me to your thread 4wino. Sorry you also had the bad experience. Here's my review, for other future browsers:

    I made my reservation through opentable and they usually ask for feedback afterward, so I am going to give them a lot! I kind of wish I had been more assertive at the time, but honestly, we were so stunned that the server basically pretended like it didn't happen, and then just to keep pointing it out (on top of the cocktail issue and I didn't even mention the overcooked tuna!) seemed too mean, I just wasn't comfortable repeatedly pointing out their faults moment after moment. So hopefully this feedback will still be helpful to them...